Nora Springs, IA, May 8, 2017 – Move over Black Cumin Seed Oil and make room for a breakthrough in the availability of the emerging natural compound, thymoquinone (TQ). What is TQ and why does it have the industry buzzing as an exciting new ingredient for minor pain and immune health?

Biotech company Prairie Pharms, LLC has discovered and developed methods for cultivating and extracting the potent natural compound, called thymoquinone (TQ), from the native prairie plant, Monarda fistulosa. The markets for natural compounds with mechanistic benefits to: immune function, support of the microbiome, and mediators of minor pain are growing. Monarda fistulosa (wild bergamot) has a long and safe historical use dating back to Native Americans and Colonials. According to the USDA, the leaves and extracts were used both externally and internally for a wide range of purposes. Tinctures and poultices for minor pain and skin conditions, to steam inhalation for opening airways, and teas for soothing stomach aches are just a few of the many uses…

Prior to the discovery by Prairie Pharms, the most widely known source of TQ was black cumin seed oil, which is grown in the Middle East. The level of TQ in black cumin seed oil is very low, ranging from .3% to 1.6% and highly inconsistent yet it’s this powerful compound which is largely responsible for the pharmacological effects of black cumin seed oil.

The past 5 years, Prairie Pharms has been studying Monarda fistulosa to find the right traits on optimal growth and methods to extract the oil. The Result is an industry first, achieving a 10% standardized thymoquinone extract (TQE) – which makes Monarda Gold® 10 times more potent than black cumin seed oil!

Current “Generic” Monarda extracts are inconsistent in their composition so they have generated little in excitement in the market. But, none of them contain the active compound TQ, which made it even more important to secure its patents and ensure no one else can produce TQE like Prairie Pharms. “Not only does our Monarda extract have the highest concentration of TQ but significant amounts of known compounds like carvacrol and thymol, both of which are powerful compounds for supporting the body’s natural defenses. The uniqueness of our Monarda extract is the synergism of the natural components for both minor pain and immune health benefits”.

“The discovery of TQ in the Monarda oil and the company investment in commercialization brings a new, potent compound and native plant to the natural products industry – that promises to have a significant impact on human health. Prairie Pharms was at the right place and time with research and development of this amazing plant.” said Prairie Pharms CEO, Dr. Eric Weaver.

After Prairie Pharms launched its proof of concept, Monarda Gold®, locally, there was immediate signs of promise. Dr. Weaver stated, “The flood of testimonials of people who are feeling better and getting their life back after using Monarda Gold® is incredible. They have a passionate loyalty to the extract…that’s when we knew we were really on to something”.

Prairie Pharms is now ready to offer its patented ingredient, Monarda Gold® to the masses. The ingredient has a wide range of uses in creams or gels, as an essential oil and as a dietary supplement. The patented methods for producing Monarda Gold® results in a unique extract particularly beneficial to people seeking products for minor pain.

Prairie Pharms LLC is a privately-held, natural products company and the first to invest significantly in the cultivation, propagation, and research and development of Monarda fistulosa for its range of historical medicinal benefits. The company is presently the largest, vertically integrated producer of high quality Monarda fistulosa products.

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