Monarda Essential Oil

A Naturally Derived Patented Ingredient For Minor Pain & Immune Health!




Monarda Gold®: Not All Oil Is Created Equal!

How do you know if you’re getting true TQE Monarda Gold®?

As an all-natural option, Monarda essential oil may help you deal with pain and inflammation without the unfortunate side effects of other medication. The essential oil from Monarda Gold®is unique because we only use natural compounds that are distilled into an oil. To increase its effect, we also use a greater percentage of thymoquinone than generic monarda oils.

The Power of Thymoquinone

Because of its myriad of potential health benefits, we use thymoquione (TQ) in our oils. This natural chemical comes from the Monarda fistulosa plant, which is a relatively common plant in the United States. This plant has frequently been used in teas and creams for its medicinal properties. Our essential oil can similarly be used topically or it can be inhaled using a diffuser or an inhaler.  

Enticing Smell and Color

When you use Monarda Gold® essential oil, you can’t help but notice its pleasant aroma. While generic oils have a citrus smell, Monarda Gold adds to this scent with a herbal scent. This scent makes it enjoyable to inhale through a diffuser. We also strive to maintain a deep orange shade in all of our oils, which makes our oil easy to identify and locate when being applied topically. These traits make our oil easier and more refreshing to use.


10x More Thymoquinone Than Black Cumin Seed Oil!

Thymoquinone Extract (TQE) Is A Potent, Emerging Natural Compound For Minor Pain & Immune Health


I started using Monarda Gold because it was helping mu husband so much. I had a knee replacement about 10 years ago and still have pain. It doesn’t help that I am on cement all day at my restaurant. After I started to use the MOnarda Gold my knee and my feet quit hurting. I have been using it for approximately 6 months and I do not see myself quitting anytime soon.



I started using Monarda Gold about a year ago May, when a friend was telling me about how it helped her back pain. So I thought I would try it. Well it is a year later and I have not been to chiropractor and feel good. I can’t believe how healthy I have been. I haven’t had a cold or sinus problems for a year either.



I started using Monarda Gold for pain in my hip that I needed replaced. I didn’t ant to be on pain medicine, so I thought “I’ll give it a try”. It took 90% of the pain away. I kept using it after my hip replacement It was great. I did not have to use a lot of the strong medicine that made me feel off.



I have inflammation in my joints and my hands are really bad, a lot of pain and aching. I do not like taking any more medicine than I have to. I startedusing Monarda Gold because of it being all natural. I cannot belive how it has helped my hands I can open jars and do not have the constant ache.



Thymoquinone (TQ)




Potential Uses & Benefits

Monarda fistulosa has a long and safe historical use dating back to Native Americans and Colonials. According to the USDA, the leaves and extracts were used both externally and internally for a wide range of purposes. Tinctures and poultices for minor pain and skin conditions, to steam inhalation for opening airways, and teas for soothing stomach aches are just a few of the many uses.

Help Promotes Healthy Joints*

Help Maintains Healthy Immune Response*

Powerful Antioxidant Support*

Natural Therapy for Minor Pain

IRI data shows an increase of 8.6% to $560 million in the USA alone

• Topical Minor Pain

• Can be used in cream formulation or sprays

Essential Oil

• Topically – usually with a base such as almond oil for minor pain

• Diffuser – 5 drops in a diffuser for overall all well-being,

Potential Uses & Benefits

RI Data Shows The Minor Pain Category Was
Up 8.6% to $560.2 million

in the USA and continues to grow!

Monarda Gold® is an “instant gratification” ingredient for minor pain through its unique mode of action and a perfect addition to any minor pain product.

Potential Uses & Benefits

Monarda Gold®’s all-natural process uses just steam distillation to achieve its high TQ content. No chemicals or solvents used.

• “Generic” monarda oil on the left, Monarda Gold® on the right. Generic monarda oil is clear/yellow and has an orange/citrus smell to it prized for its fragrance in perfumes. High TQE Monarda Gold® will be orange/reddish in color and have more of an herbal/oregano smell

• Generic oil has higher concentrations of compounds with less biological value such as geraniol.

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