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A Naturally Derived Patented Ingredient For Minor Pain & Immune Health!

Small Molecule Plant Extract

A naturally derived patented extract, from the plant Monarda Fistulosa, Monarda Gold® is now the highest natural source of the powerful compound thymoquinone! (standardized to 10%)


10x More Thymoquinone Than Black Cumin Seed Oil!

Thymoquinone Extract (TQE) Is A Potent, Emerging Natural Compound For Minor Pain & Immune Health

Bioactive Compounds

Monarda Gold®’s natural compounds have strong published works ranging from minor pain to immune health thanks to its main four components – Thymoquinone (10%), carvacrol, thymol and p-cymene – all of which have extensive studies.

Thymoquinone (TQ)

Historically, the benefits of black cumin seed oil are attributed to thymoquinone, even though the concentation is low (<1%). Prairie Pharms Monarda Gold® is now the best all-natural source of TQ available, with an industry first – a standardized 10% Thymoquinone. While TQ is an important compound in Monarda Gold®, the natural composition and mixture of compounds from the pure, steam distilled product has had more potent effects in in-vitro studies than synthetic TQ (99% pure) proving once again that natural products are often superior to their synthetic counterparts.




Potential Uses & Benefits

Monarda fistulosa has a long and safe historical use dating back to Native Americans and Colonials. According to the USDA, the leaves and extracts were used both externally and internally for a wide range of purposes. Tinctures and poultices for minor pain and skin conditions, to steam inhalation for opening airways, and teas for soothing stomach aches are just a few of the many uses.

Your Gold Standard For Minor Pain & Immune Health!

The Analgesics Market Is Growing… and so are the opportunities

IRI Data Shows The Minor Pain Category Was

Up 8.6% to $560.2 million

in the USA and continues to grow!

Monarda Gold® is an “instant gratification” ingredient for minor pain through its unique mode of action and a perfect addition to any minor pain product.

Monarda Gold®: Not All Oil Is Created Equal!

Monarda Gold®’s all-natural process uses just steam distillation to achieve its high TQ content. No chemicals or solvents used.

• “Generic” monarda oil on the left, Monarda Gold® on the right. Generic monarda oil is clear/yellow and has an orange/citrus smell to it prized for its fragrance in perfumes. High TQE Monarda Gold® will be orange/reddish in color and have more of an herbal/oregano smell

• Generic oil has higher concentrations of compounds with less biological value such as geraniol

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