Flora's theme color was yellow/cream instead of pink. In order to continue the winx I think that they shouldn’t get new wings this time I think cosmix should be the last but they reuse transformations or grow powerful with their other powers and gain the last fairy transformation or something. It is the 9th season of Winx Club, but it is unknown if it will follow the plot lines of earlier episodes. Stella's final posing background was altered. I want a nine season with old style of Winx club too . Lineart for Issue 89: Return to the Amazon. Her armbands were longer and attached two yellow jewels. -Multi-layered show with elements for both boys and girls, -Action sequences, attitudes and displays of power, strength and magic for boys, -Fashion, friendship and lots of music for girls, -Wit and humor will also lace this newest offering on the animation.". The Specialists seemed to use phantoblades only. Official Music Video! Actually in season 9 they could bring back all these old transformations (magic winx & charmix for fighting with the Trix while proving them they can win over them even with their weakest transformation - that could be kinda funny. "Clothes inspired to a sea adventure. The colors were also more vibrant. Bloom was intended to transform by spinning. Receive automatic notifications when Winx Club season 9 release date is announced. Musa was intended to have short green hair and green eyes. Winx Club age rating. The wings were in solid colors, instead of translucent colors. Yeah I think the animation is here to stay. And instead of having two pieces, her outfit was in one piece. ", Design for the "Fruits Summer Party" collection by Silvia Ruggieri: The jewels near her ears were also lime green instead of cyan like in the present. I just saw the teaser and trailer of winx club season 8 They made all characters younger I reither have them in their old style for season 8 !! It revealed that the Winx members' names were the same, except for Stella, who was supposed to be named ". With Abigail Cowen, Danny Griffin, Hannah van der Westhuysen, Elisha Applebaum. There were some deleted scenes of Season 1 that were available to watch: The scenes of the Winx's transformation. In a video interview, Iginio Straffi said that the pilot cost €100,000 to make, but he was very unsatisfied with it. All the Winx Season 6 Prototype Civilian Outfit. A new season of 52 short episodes, titled Winx Club Shorts in the first announcement, was confirmed in September 2020. "Clothes inspired to summer fruits and pool parties.". Add Winx Club to your watchlist to track it and find more TV shows like it! I ya story is so sad I hope she saves her sister and yeah we all want to know more about the trix. There were two strips of cloth on two sides of Bloom's outfit. The name of the show was changed to "Winx, Just Fairies" in 2002, while the first season was in production. Nickelodeon set The Casagrandes Season 2 premiere for October 9, 2020 Track. 'Magic Bloom' Transformations (Winx Club Prototype). Winx Club Trailer Trailers are hand-picked and this is the best one we could find for Winx Club. Nickelodeon set The Casagrandes Season 2 premiere for October 9, 2020 Track. She also wore a dark blue legging. 58. Designs done by Pietro Dichiara, Pierdomenico Sirianni, and others. The First Version Of Bloom's Mythix Without Ponytail. Her wings were in spring green and lime. The Casagrandes. i want icey's sister get normal because icey's story was so sad.She became witch due to save her sister.i want season 9.i love winx.winx forever.dont worry if their animation is childish because they are targeting younger audience so i believe that season 9 will come soon. being reused. Stella Season 6 Prototype Civilian Outfit. Furthermore, it is noted that Sky and Helia had another civilian outfit. Winx Club Season 1 Trailer Delete Scenes (2003) HD. Winx Club: The Secret of the Lost Kingdom. The scenes where Stella is seen dodging Brafilius' attack and Bloom attacking Brafilius. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The Casagrandes. The collar was altered, the gloves were more puffed and tied by the ribbons at her elbows. Well I don't think they will change the animation simply because this has been made for a younger audience, Also I hope in season 9 well find out the complete trix backstory.

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