And without a preseason fans will be going off what the reporters see in limited time at practice. Disappointing for a 3rd rounder. background:#ce1141; Like I already said, it's going to be a different challenge every week. Are lazard and MVS so much better this year or are they so much more open? Gary has some serious competition ahead of him in the form of the Smith Bros. on that Packers defense. In Week 1 against Minnesota, Gary wouldn't record a sack, but he led the team in pressures with three. You guys watch the film, he's all over the place. The same thing happened in Week 1 with a classic Kirk Cousins interception. They say scoring a 10 on the Wonderlic Test is a sign that you are literate. But even if it were, apparently he wouldn’t be able to read it. My only question about his ability right now is whether he becomes a Pro bowler or a really good starter in his career. They don't want to overload him and cause him to have to think thru his responsibilities. It's a true weapon. It won’t pop up on a stat sheet the same way, but that interception wouldn’t have happened without the efforts of Rashan Gary. Well, Savage is another one who is still learning. It is more about, "OK, if you've been trashing him, own up." Last year guys were wondering why are we moving so much? A great example of converting speed to power by Rashan Gary. One pundit states it on social media and it becomes a rumor people take and run with. On those tests, you get points not only for getting it right but how fast you do. This is going to be a tough season,,. Saints are not the same team without Thomas, but they're the most complete team the Packers will have seen so far. On Rashan Gary affecting Alexander's INT: On Jaire's interception, even the play before that, both those stunts he was coming inside, he affected the quarterback. He wasn't used the same way in college, so that doesn't really seem relevant. The Green Bay Packers practiced on Ray Nitschke Field on Thursday, Sept. 17, 2020. It didn't come as a surprise to us based on how he'd practice but there's always that unknown. I thought in pre season if Rodgers follows the scheme he will have a good chance for MVP and do something really special. Show full articles without "Continue Reading" button for {0} hours. By all accounts, his technique was much improved, and in the little we've seen so far, you can really tell that he is much better with his hands. This is the second time in the game that pass rusher went down to injury. In business, you’re either growing or you’re dying. Except on passing downs, neither the smith bro's or Gary is big enough to play in the middle. Still, I would never put him in pass coverage. Another point to be made is, yes the players have gotten better but on offense the scheme is working. Which I don’t understand. Discover the real story, facts, and details of Rashan Gary. As a rookie folks made fun of Martinez' ability to blitz, but he got much better at it with time. I didn't think Blake martinez was the problem. More News Packers' Rashan Gary: Out Monday He wasn't alone in that lament. I was not a fan of the Gary pick, particularly after I heard Gutekunst say that they "fell in love with him".

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