F_ck off.”, Got an emotional appeal after the latest crime I yet again had nothing to do with? A sponge grenade is a bullet-shaped projectile with a foam rubber nose and a high-density plastic body that is fired from a grenade launcher. No other modern mass shooting has involved anywhere near that many guns, and police have not said how many of them Paddock actually fired. Your guess is as good as mine what he intended to do if the guy laid down, but, nevertheless….The victim refused to lay down. Closer to home – the M16. Seventy-eight minutes after the shooting began, a police sniper killed Huberty with a single shot to the chest. The former vice president's comment during the ABC town hall was idiotic. Further complica… 8. [6], Use of Weapons was voted the Best sci-fi film never made by the readers of The Register in 2011. Self-defense comes in a lot of forms, but I do not accept carrying such lethal weaponry as the brightest of solutions. In the event of the death of such persons, this provision shall apply to their dependants accordingly. Why, same reason I have a fire extinguisher or smoke alarms. While gun controllers are wrong about a lot of factual matters, both technological and historical, and while demonstrating to the general population that they’re wrong might be useful, don’t ever hope that by proving them wrong, you can change the minds of the gun controllers themselves. Governments and law enforcement agencies shall ensure that all law enforcement officials are selected by proper screening procedures, have appropriate moral, psychological and physical qualities for the effective exercise of their functions and receive continuous and thorough professional training. As Heinlein noted, nobody stands up to demand a law to prevent themselves from smoking or owning a gun. And listing laws means nothing to me, especially because laws mean nothing if nobody will enforce them. As everyone is allowed to participate in lawful and peaceful assemblies, in accordance with the principles embodied in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, Governments and law enforcement agencies and officials shall recognize that force and firearms may be used only in accordance with principles 13 and 14. Further, without the same understanding about context, you can also easily come to the conclusion that the 2A only protected weapons in use at the time of the founding, because the 1st Amendment only mentions press and speech specifically. What about the “keep” part? They should just use the Iraq war’s deaths by firearms to justify taking them away from the military. Murders by unarmed assailants using “personal weapons” (hands, feet, etc) have run 500 to 800 per year by the FBI Uniform Crime Reports UCR based on police reports to the FBI. But, concerns about the country’s chemical warfare remained, according to The Atlantic, in part because chlorine was not among the prohibited chemicals Syria had to dispose of (due to its other uses outside of warfare).

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