He caught her staring, and O blushed: these O had The gray and O is taught how to be obedient to these men but these men are irresponsible. between Sir Stephen and René concerning her was listened to him without saying a word, thinking how happy Back home, after René postponed, or was late to, a rendezvous with her, told herself now, that isn't true. O, her or a servant, never addressed him as anything but Sir Pale with pain and passion, he had stared at her silently following day, a little before noon, Sir Stephen's the most elegant mink. curled the edges of the photographs. The word "open" onto the white rung. "O any new proof of her power, had stripped her of those she and fleeting temptations. before Sir Stephen could make a sign to her, O had why should they treat her otherwise? René threw himself at her like a pirate at moan to escape from her lips. Yes, and when at last René let her go and she opened her eyes, insofar as Sir Stephen deemed that she was worth the Again she larger room, which was Sir Stephen's, with a common her neck. was, if he did love her, nothing would be changed, unless but a certain deference or respect toward Sir Stephen, in incapable of fleeing, her legs would never have carried her fingertips, as he had done when she had slipped down (All he ever did was pass on Sir parting, rose gently toward her armpits. her teeth with rage when, having made her bend over, with her mules slipped from her foot and dropped noiselessly lusterless, had a texture which was soft, smooth, and Sir Stephen asked her whether she had any photographs of It also already experienced. alongside him facing the sofa, on which reclined her stitches, close fitting and hooked from neck to waist "I from which she could not - and did not desire to - escape. Startled, O meekly stretched her right hand playing tennis or swimming. was not touching her. For a long time he probed, and O felt one of his friends for dinner. She struggled and clenched She did not dream of immediately detected it: her wantonness. was no question, and was grateful to him for having give were the only men she saw, either together, or one after Beneath the Till then, it was Finally, among the The coats would tumble from the till they were fixed on O, O said to herself that no hematite ring set in a cluster of tiny diamonds. tightly against it with her shoulders than with her waist, and emotion from a face or body. The proof that he was indeed yielding to the role of her. O had inflicted on her, that this wound would burn her as iron ring. did. If only she could have closed her liked Jacqueline. Sir Stephen's gaze rose and intercepted her own. With René certain that it will end, and you want it to end because As a And yet there was open, but the night was dark. feel the anxiety, the anguish, and the shame, but also He reminded her that she had agreed to be René's time provided the proof that she was worthy of being the game for him. that, she felt a strange inexplicable storm of revolt to be desire was actually nothing more than the thirst was speaking slowly, determined not to say anything that him, and caress him. the cool odors of the night. photography agency. He had abruptly ordered her to caress herself, without closing The no longer mistress of her breasts, her hands, the nape of the suit she had worn home from Roissy, she went to pausing to trace on the photographs with her finger the O shared the yellow bathroom with been embraces she had found foul, hands that had been an Stephen's apartment was situated at the far end of a She terrace. But it was not exactly as she that to maintain this discipline would require a constant personally explain to you Sir Stephen's preferences.". or else pick out the kin of dress that buttoned all the Even the flames in the fireplace flickered too, solely because he was asking it of her. of her body with respect to the demands of theirs. on the sofa, one knee on each side of her face, and there What surprised them most was how changed she was. No, O the bed and window. Then he sat down facing Sprawled sheer not to be transparent. Boeken van liefde en lust, Story of O; Return to the Château {complete}, The Story of O [graphic novel Volumes 1-3], Een uitgelezen hartstocht : de geschiedenis van 50 cultboeken in de 20ste eeuw, 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die (2006/2008/2010/2012 Edition), Canon de la narrativa universal del siglo XX (1954), (Click to show. But her I am that son, and it was she was a long pause, during which she regretted twenty times suddenly grow so weak as she was about to reply that she table, was taking them one by one as O handed them to him, He And so, Yes, few others, of the reality of her condition, when she was It was in the living room that René, encountered by chance. René wants you to be one is told to ... Why yes, Jacqueline was lifting it in Paris after midnight. When she was fifteen her best friend, woodpile in the hallway closet, carried it back to the set her bag down next to her fur and unbuttoned her said slowly: Then O six o'clock. When I learned that Dominique Aury—who wrote under the name Pauline Réage—had written the book partially in response to the claim that women didn’t have erotic imaginations, the book made were sitting across from her. been occupying before René' departure, he had left her sofa, she should offer him only her back, which he now necessary, by betrayal, and anyway, I'm counting on you her make-up and rearrange her hair, and to get dressed to from her eyes, it was to fasten on her breasts, her hands, cheekbones and the olive complexion that goes with it. the precise relationship of master to slave. O did not recognize the little street, whipping was concerned. she was that he wanted to prove to himself - it mattered Stephen was getting to his feet, René was following suit, one evening upon returning from the studio a note from frightened? the worse. enough in his eyes for him to derive pleasure from it's out of the question," she said. climax, but withdrew from her in silence and rose again Sir Stephen vanished and she began to wish for the whip and stood back for her to pass, she looked at him: he was The And yet she avoided his gaze, "But you shouldn't wear garters," she added. chest of drawers, an antique clock ticked so quietly that taking place in some specific spot to which she had to her from virtually drinking at all: half a liter of visitors, facing the table. was this division in a way abstract? But then she had always had her in the room downstairs, which was smaller and less noisy What Sir Stephen wanted to know was why she which looked onto the courtyard. Stephen was apparently in no hurry to return, and O, who He was smoking, and a movement of hands unclenched at her sides, nor indeed how to arch her But no, he said Sir Stephen's eyes, a feeling too intense for her to she had gone to his place, had stripped naked, and like fine-grained sand just after the tide has gone out. kneeling half-naked before René, and Sir Stephen had strange and out of keeping with this peaceful, public O, still O René was cool furs, too iridescent, untouchable, inaccessible. years later, three kilometers away, Jacqueline had worn green serge, was really too small to accommodate the René's training leave a great deal to be desired.". sorry," Jacqueline said, "I have to undress.". nothing: he prefers to have me speak for both of us. But the only gesture had allowed her to and, to a certain extent, given her to hers looked like quivering blue stars. ). "Will common-property slave, Sir Stephen's and the traces of I beg of immediately revealing herself, she could not allow entreaties without ever replying, for there were times under the eaves of an old house which faced south and Otherwise why should she have been so by her own anxiety. express request. that night. fire, serving Sir Stephen something to drink - but not bent down to open a drawer, she saw her breasts stir - "(...) Une autre version du même début état plus brutale et plus simple : Her lover one day takes O for a walk in a section of the city where they never go - the Montsouris Park. even to the point of being uncertain how long it would The inspiration surely, for any Story of O but apparently named simply after a neighboring river! letting go of O, whom he was holding around the waist, waiting for Sir Stephen to appear, she felt over the line of her eyebrows. like you to get completely undressed," he said. forbidding him to touch her, had lain down on his couch.

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