Q. The simple solution is that when your ship is destroyed, you manage to eject and drift in space, where you are picked up and returned to the last planet / landing location to claim your new ship sans any cargo and upgrades you had (unless you had bought additional insurance) and head out into space again. not already in warp/ auto pilot) and close enough to a hostile the server will attempt to gain enough separation to enter auto pilot. What I like about this system is that it creates a sense of mortality and history. No slate will be wiped clean, but if you want to change your allegiances, this would be the start. This doesn’t just apply to a player character. The life and death cycle of humanity is what has brought us our history, our need to “make a mark” in our time, to push forward. This is the mechanic EVE Online uses, with the extra wrinkle that if another player blows up your escape pod, a stored clone of your character is activated, re-spawning your character and effectively making him/her immortal. When a character finally does shuffle off the mortal coil, the player hasn’t lost what he has really put in the game time to build up – his ship(s), equipment and other assets. No, everything you earned from Squadron 42 the first time will pass on: Citizenship, credits earned, starter ship and the like. You shouldn’t lose your armor or weapons, but it does happen as a bug once in a while. Moments before a ship explodes, the pilot has a chance to eject into space. Some of this could be through in-game missions or it could just involve paying a lot of money to a specialist on a remote med planet that is doing stem cell research. If you lose a dogfight and your ship is going to blow, you have a few seconds to eject. You die you just go back to the previous save point, normally before you launched on the mission. Q. I already created a backstory for my character, I don’t want them to die! And getting to this point won’t be common unless you are participating in a lot of boarding actions or flying in areas where there is no law and order. Science in the future is far more advanced than today. There will also be opportunities to regain some lives or do a reset. If you manage to eject safely and someone doesn’t blast your ejected avatar, you won’t have even used a “life”. We are an online game and frequent updates and tweaks are a core part of the Star Citizen vision. You now have a universe of immortal gods that can’t be killed. I realize this game is not going to fulfill everyone’s personal vision of what they think it will be. you lose weapons if you're holding them when you die. What happens on a disconnect or rage quit? I also feel that if everyone can be cloned easily, it fundamentally changes the structure of the universe. If you have after Market components on your ship and the ship gets destroyed, I hear you can remove the components in hangar first and then reclaim ship in pu. Attempting to grief new players will probably hasten your character’s death a lot quicker than the new players you’re trying to terrorize. So if someone does a mission to completion it gets removed. Eventually after too many deaths, your character’s body will just give out, and instead of waking up in a med bay, you’ll be attending the funeral of your fallen character from the eyes of the beneficiary you specified when originally creating your character.

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