The Pink Panther tries to make breakfast. The Pink Panther sabotages the efforts of a photographer (the Little Man) in Pinkstone National Park after the photographer angrily refuses to donate a dollar to the park. A scientifically-enhanced fruit fly attacks the Pink Panther's apples, so he decides to get rid of it. He takes a few good pictures of employees and AC/DC fans/customers, even a picture of the band as well. Just as he runs in, it is revealed that the Panther's new "house" is actually the one that the contractor had initially intended to build, when the decoy cutout of the Panther's ideal house in front of it falls over. The Pink Panther arrives on a desert island to discover a native (the Little Man) and his dog. Cartoons where The Pink Panther Wins in The End,, This is the first time the Pink Panther has dialogue. Unfortunately, he runs into bad luck every time he attempts to spy on the agents, despite constant prodding from the narrator. The Pink Panther encounters and purchases a talking weight machine (voiced by Larry Storch) who claims to be able to not just calculate weight — but predict the future. The Pink Panther joins the Army and angers his sergeant (the Little Man) with his usual antics. However, since the panther is unwilling to wake up, the sentient cuckoo bird uses various methods to try to wake him up. The Panther ducks behind a tree, for the mouse, who is still trying to ignite the stove burner. The Pink Panther decides to become an amateur photographer, but the local wildlife aren't being cooperative. The Pink Panther is forced by a burglar (the Little Man) to help him break into a manufacturing warehouse and crack a safe. Learn how and when to remove this template message, Let There Be Rock: The Movie – Live in Paris, It's a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock 'n' Roll), For Those About to Rock: Monsters in Moscow,, Articles lacking sources from December 2009, Short description is different from Wikidata, Album articles lacking alt text for covers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 30 June 2018, at 00:25. The Panther attempts to get rid of the annoying green asterisk numerous times, but his plans are thwarted by a large green asterisk who is assumed to be the smaller one's parent. I use WIKI 2 every day and almost forgot how the original Wikipedia looks like. Several of his attempts to get rid of the mice fail miserably, until he dresses up as a cat and chases the horde of vermin out of his house, only to run back into the house and into the mouse-hole in the wall when a pack of growling, vicious dogs begin to give chase; the Panther's only companion inside the mouse-hole is, of course, one lone partying mouse. The antidote to the new wave of soulless mega-clubs, Sink The Pink is an immersive live show of performance, music, fashion, dance, art and theatre which breaks down the fourth wall, to go beyond the dance floor. An elephant follows the Pink Panther home from the zoo and he tries to hide the elephant from the public so he will not be convicted of "elephant-napping". The Panther attempts to get rid of the annoying green asterisk numerous times, but his plans are thwarted by a large green asterisk who is assumed to be the smaller one's parent. The Pink Panther teaches a reluctant Little Man various sports, such as. The Pink Panther buys a used car from a dealership, and spray-paints it with pink lacquer spray paint - which is bad news for the sentient car, as it seems to be allergic to the spray paint. An Indian fakir's magic rope falls in love with the Pink Panther's tail and the Panther tries to run away from it. The Pink Panther finds a talking magic lamp (voiced by. The Pink Panther goes to Tony's Supermarket and is pursued by an employee (the Little Man) while he shops. In medieval times, the Pink Panther tries to rescue a peasant (the Little Man) who is thrown into prison for being too poor to pay taxes. You could also do it yourself at any point in time. The Pink Panther sees his dream home, and is overjoyed. Longing to have a pair of roller skates, the Pink Panther is given a magic pair that he can't control by his fairy godmother. The Pink Panther finds a magician's top hat, complete with a large rabbit who follows him around. The Pink Panther takes a job in a Chinese restaurant that places orders by gong beats, but unintentionally causes mayhem to the Little Man, who owns the glass shop above the restaurant. The woman wins, and then dances with the former champ. After watching late-night television, the Pink Panther has a late night battle with a mosquito who constantly interrupts his sleep. Pedestrian Pink Panther is having difficulty crossing a busy traffic intersection. An Alpine village is home to the Little Man, whose incessant tuba playing outrages the entire community. After several failed attempts to advertise his beverage the way he intended, he gives in and advertises "Green Punch", a beverage which turns him completely green upon consumption. The Panther's voice was provided by. hunter named Tex B'wana. The Little Man visits a psychiatrist, having been driven to insanity by the Pink Panther. They all run out of the bar. She plays a game of Pool with another guy. Apareció en sus álbumes de estudio Fly on the Wall, de 1985, y Who Made Who, en 1986, y fue escrita por Angus Young y Malcolm Young Video musical. Upon the Pink Panther's cover being blown, the homeowner, believing that he is suffering from alcohol-induced hallucinations, has a local Alcoholics Anonymous representative come to his home to rehabilitate him — but reality sets in when they realize that the Pink Panther actually does exist. The Pink Panther sneaks into a house to stay the night, but ends up having to hide from the drunk owner of the residence. He forces the Panther to take the safe back, but his conscience then reassures him into thinking that there is indeed money in the safe. The visuals involved AC/DC playing at a bar while various shady characters interacted with an animated fly, much like the one on the cover of the album. Prehistoric Pink Panther fights over a bone with a caveman version of the Little Man, a big blue dinosaur and a small green lizard. The mouse finally ignites the lighter, and due to the massive gasoline buildup, the entire house is blown up. [1] Australian-painoksessa B-puoli oli ”Back in Business”. The Pink Panther comes to the aid of a henpecked husband (the Little Man) who pulls a nail out of his foot. The next song, "Sink the Pink", features a woman in pink. A queer utopia and playground, where everyone is welcome and everyone is celebrated. Sink Pink is fifth animated short starring the Pink Panther. A scientifically-enhanced fruit fly attacks the Pink Panther's apples, so he decides to get rid of it. A series of 12 miniature cartoons that end when each one "pinks out". The Pink Panther tries to get a dog removed from his tail at the hospital. The Pink Panther tries to get a dog removed from his tail at the hospital. We have created a browser extension. Dubious to this statement, the Pink Panther storms off, only for karma to get him back, as he is run over and injured by an oncoming bus. The Pink Panther turns his hand to building a motorcycle, but mayhem ensues whenever he goes for a drive. For the 1990s cartoon series, see, Academy Award for Short Subjects, Cartoons, It Had Better Be Tonight (Meglio Stasera),, The Pink Panther (cartoons) animated shorts, Lists of American animated television series episodes, Lists of American comedy television series episodes, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, The Pink Panther sabotages the plans of a housepainter (. That's it. The Pink Panther is pestered by a flea and tries to get rid of it. Sink The Pink, London. The Pink Panther and a sheep come to live in Cattle County, Texas, and have to endure a sheep-abusing cattleman. In a bar across the bay and the Brooklyn Bridge, a cameraman spy, nicknamed Super Snoop, walks in from the bar's back door, trying to walk slowly toward the band's dressing room. [2] "Sink the Pinkistä" on kuvattu myös musiikkivideo. The Pink Panther attempts to get rid of a fly in his home. The Pink Panther has to rescue a princess kidnapped by the Black Knight (the Little Man), but first must tame his uncooperative horse. Esta canción y Shake Your Foundations fueron los dos hits de este álbum, por lo que se incluyeron en el álbum Who Made Who. The Pink Panther steals a family's baby basket instead of a picnic basket at the park and ends up having to raise the baby (voiced by.

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