Star Trek: Discovery Season Finale Recap: The Final Frontier Michael Burnham closes the loop, and so does Star Trek: Discovery, in an explosive finale that set the series back on course. I think he’s under Klingon mind control of some kind, and Voq’s consciousness is somehow inside Ash. and his eyes have been altered visibly, glazed over with what looks like cataracts. Starfleet and the Klingons face off in an action-packed midseason finale. Logo of Star Trek: Discovery. Kol, toying with Captain Georgiou’s Starfleet insignia, commands his minions find L’Reill and cut off her legs. Ash was completely unable to shoot her when he saw her on the Ship of the Dead, and even on the Discovery he feels completely powerless around her. Michael is on the bridge, using her translator on the Klingons so we hear them speak in English. As the Discovery begins the jump, we see the standard animation but this time the Discovery splits in two before coming back together. He lies on the floor marveling at the “infinite permutations” he can see. Michael is ordered to prepare to beam out by Lorca, and does so by stealing back Captain Georgiou’s insignia and leaping off a balcony, disappearing into thin air as Kol roars in frustration. But if it’s a cool enough death, it’s forgivable. Let’s start with Lorca, who immediately disobeys Starfleet to protect the Pahvans, a sentient species that he had never heard of before. He accepts Stamets’ offer for one last jump. by Mark | Nov 14, 2017 | Star Trek: Discovery, TV and Movies | 0 comments. He is ordered to leave Pahvo and get back behind Federation lines with all the other Starfleet warships. Mike Bloom is a Manhattanite and a podcaster for various shows on Rob Has a Podcast and Post Show Recaps, along with the long-running Survivor Historians podcast. Kol can’t resist the Discovery’s vulnerable position and decloaks the Ship of the Dead to bring his weapons online. I’m not sure of what the endgame here is for L’Rell. Lorca is not thrilled by this, and looks thoughtful. WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Star Trek: Discovery Season 3, Episode 1, “That Hope is You,” now airing on CBS All Access.. Control itself was a tool used most by Section 31, which if you recall from Deep Space Nine, eventually breaks with the Federation to become more like the Cardassian mafia organization the Obsidian Order than a Starfleet CIA. Kol isn’t bothered, and thanks her for killing T’Kuvma and creating the power vacuum he needed to rise to power. This is precisely the type of mission he enlisted her for. They’re doing a good job of keeping it interesting and very much Star Trek while giving it a new flavor. So he sends Stamets to sick bay to be fully examined. (Nhan gets no respect, no respect at all!). The ship begins to shake. Star Trek Discovery season 1, episode 9: Into the Forest I Go recap. I knew Ash was a wreck, but I’ve also suspected he’s connected to Voq. Lorca has been stalling Kol to give Michael and Ash time to place the sensors, limiting the battle mostly to running and dodging his attacks, but now the real mission can begin. We’ve seen her fight friends more often than we’ve seen her fight enemies, and she’s a frightening opponent. That’s it for us until the show returns in January. If you enjoy this blog and are looking for someone to write content for you or your company, contact us at [email protected], Get a daily email update of all our new posts in your inbox. since she has been on the bridge of the Ship of the Dead. They overlay some guttural Klingon sounds into their translated speech so you don’t forget you’re still listening to an alien language. I’m also not convinced I care given how little we know about any and all Klingons in this show. So he sends Stamets to sick bay to be fully examined. I’m very impressed so far. This could be normal trauma, but I think it’s much more. They find the human prisoner: Admiral Cornwell. After an hour, a brain trust comprised of Saru and Burnham’s scientific minds and Tyler’s tactical prowess presents a plan to Lorca. Which ends up happening despite Hugh telling Lorca they need to abort the mission. That’s how they go.” Lorca denies the demand and says he must do whatever is necessary to keep Stamets alive through the end of the jumps. Ash finally opens up about his imprisonment. (Again: Though Burnham and Tyler are using pattern simulators to mark themselves as Klingon, they never question whether the human life sign they’re detecting could be a Klingon using a pattern simulator to similar ends.) Soon after that — as Culber prepares a worried Stamets to launch Discovery on 133 spore drive jumps — Lorca gives his speech over the ship’s intercom. That the Discovery crew was able to figure out a way to circumvent a cloaking device, when Picard and the Enterprise were unable to do so centuries later, didn’t make any sense to me. • Pike’s version of “Engage” is now officially “Hit it.” Thanks, I hate it! At the same time, he laments that they can’t fight and have to warp away. Now look, this isn’t necessarily untrue — he points out that she tried to solve the logic extremists’ beef with their family by making it about her, when in reality they hated them because Spock was half-human — but the fact remains that everything she’s doing now to help him is not only completely devoid of self-aggrandizement, it’s literally a direct order from their captain. Now that the main exposition is out of the way, I can spend the rest of this recap complaining about Whiny Tween Spock. This may force him to do something drastic. The premiere of the series led to record subscriptions for All Access, with the service attributing its biggest day, week, and month of signups to the debut of Star Trek: Discovery. He was voted "Most Likely to Be a Hufflepuff" by every person he's ever met. You’d think he’d be the first to suggest a rescue given that he was tortured for 7 months. Kol can’t resist the Discovery’s vulnerable position and decloaks the Ship of the Dead to bring his weapons online. • So … the Red Angel has to be Future Spock, right? and beams out Tyler and Admiral Cornwell first. Powered by Minute Media © 2020 All Rights Reserved. Stamets collapses, and his eyes have been altered visibly, glazed over with what looks like cataracts. Mike also once tried to emulate a hip hop dancer in a Wendy's commercial. Stamets ominously prepares for his final jump and keeps mentioning it’s the last one. From his reactions to L’Reill and L’Reill’s to him, this seems to be the case. She would never protect Ash. Entertainment Weekly is a registered trademark of Meredith Corporation All Rights Reserved. And how will he manifest himself? Lorca asks that the findings be sent directly to him. I can’t see Voq, the purist, being happy living indefinitely inside the body of a disgusting human. Tyler and Burnham also connect, with Tyler opening up about the physical and psychological abuse L’Rell inflicted on him. Michael puts down her phaser. That leaves only Burnham aboard the Ship of the Dead — and, as she knicks Georgiou’s badge from Kol’s chest, she’s also transported to safety. His white matter is being reconstructed in ways no one understands. It’s basically definite they jumped to a new universe, but Lorca is no scientist and it’s hard to imagine that he jumped to the right universe among infinite permutations, as Stamets says. Your email address will not be published. He is ordered to leave Pahvo and get back behind Federation lines with all the other Starfleet warships. She dodges away as he cuts her arm and stabs him deeply in the leg. Apologies to Airiam for previously referring to her as an android — though in my defense, we had no idea she had a past life as a beautiful blonde human (Hannah Cheesman, sans Tin Woman makeup) who eloped only to get in a tragic shuttle accident that killed her husband on their way back. She tortured him for months, so it makes perfect sense. Because mark my words: You will look back proudly and tell the world you were there the day the U.S.S. I really don’t see this ending well though. Truth be told, I don’t know how to feel about this whole season having been put into motion by what is essentially Skynet in Space. Kol, toying with Captain Georgiou’s Starfleet insignia, commands his minions find L’Reill and cut off her legs. Michael discovers a human’s life signs while monitoring their own. The writers found a nifty way around having the Klingons speak their native tongue. Are those flashbacks of torture or changing his physical appearance? Maybe it is because the film franchise has a feel very different to what we’re used to, and the show falls in the balance of a post J.J Abrams Trek world while trying to follow the original timeline? He admits the horrible things he had to do to survive, mostly the fact that he “encouraged” L’Reill’s creepy attraction and torturing obsession with him. First, Discovery will need sensors placed on board the Ship of the Dead. The interior of the chamber becomes laced with ice, and, as Culber and Tilly pull him from it, Stamets babbles about seeing “infinite permutations.” It seems connected to the larger predicament Lorca, Saru, and the rest of the crew now finds themselves in: They haven’t jumped to the starbase, but to a mysterious corner of space, where they’re surrounded by the debris of a Klingon wreckage. This is a mistake. So much so that they are lost in space. to do more than he ever has before: more than 100 micro-jumps. How did he know to collect this data? Uh oh. As Burnham arrives on the Klingon ship’s bridge, Discovery initiates its sequence of 133 spore drive jumps. Discovery beams Cornwell and Tyler back aboard, though L’Rell latches on to Tyler at the last moment and is also transported aboard the Starfleet ship. Based on Lorca’s hatred of the Klingons, it’s much more likely his Starfleet was losing the war. but finds he has an actual problem with his brain. Stamets screams and the Discovery shakes and the lights flicker under some tremendous strain. 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