P.O. at least this movie's innocent. What the HELL is Joshua and the Promised Land? The evil wizard Zi Zi Top looks like he's wearing a robe made out of red fondant. 6:16 he sounds like Arnold Schwarzenegger in the next couple of lines. Mind you in the original, after he sees her, he promptly goes back to mom and basically trances out in love until she tells him he needs cash to get the Sultan's attention. The Staff-Sounds at 20:23 are probaböy stolen from an old star wars game. Sinbad: Beyond the Veil - Clip. So yeah, Disney really helped by changing out that meet-cute. This ripped off the alternate ending of “The Lion King” (the Broadway version). and why do the voice actors sound like they're recording in a library? It’s so true. *, if you showed me the Thomas the Tank theme edit now I'd 100% think it's a shitpost, Why does the voice acting sound like it should be paired with an edgy wolf pack animation made with ms paint from 2005 from a channel called XxDark_Wolf666xX, Saberspark: "Son of Aladdin is The WORST Film on Netflix" Cuties: "Hold my beer". :D, Did anybody realize he already has a sword, but he’s using a peacock feather, Shemaroo me has a son of alladin english dub on there. 1:32 - Looks like the trailer of a game. Why does the guy in the cell look like Ivan Ooze? It’s so bad. r/Saberspark. A subreddit for the viewers of Saberspark, Press J to jump to the feed. I'm sorry Saberspark, but you constantly talk about "how some movie rip of disney or pixar" but do you actually realize that almost NONE of the disney story is it's original? Saber here! Is anyone else having issues with ads failing to load? Want to send me stuff? they're so quiet! am i the only one that saw the disney castle in the ending? (An Uncanny Valley DISASTER), What the HELL is Elf Bowling the Movie? Oscar nomination? Lmao. Have fun! I just watched Saberspark’s review of Son of Aladdin and wondered if he would compare which is better. It's juet YIKES!! The final fight oddly reminds me of star wars, with the bad guy shooting lasers and the main guy blocking them with a sword. Don't you dare compare that lifeless thing to Paul rudd, man if you thought this was bad i can’t imagine you watching sahara. (FAILED Foreign Disney Movie), What the HELL is Elcano & Magellan? He also streams regularly on Twitch where he mostly plays games. From how characters move down to what colors are chosen, overall this has me laughing and thinking "WHY?,WHAT?" Maybe that's why the movie ended there. The worst one is “the last airbender movie.”. *WHATS WITH THE GRUNTING?! How nice that all 40 people who showed up to the baby dedication were social distancing. 15:07 - How strong is that feather?! India is dominated by Disney . Move aside Tekken, Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter, Mustafa have the fighting moves of the wear! (A Box Office FAILURE), What the HELL is Roadside Romeo? Sounds like some of the voice acting was by Tommy Wiseau, 10:43 me and my friend when school gets cancelled, So we had a chrome cast at our school for the tv in the lobby AND SOME GUY FRICKEN SCREEN CASTED LEO THE LION IM A VEGETARIAN, Oh my.......this is one trash movie. Now I know where the “Thomas & Friends” YouTube Poopers found the earrape version of the theme song. I'm gonna have a heart attack and die from not-surprise! This movie is so awkward that the first few seconds of you showing this made me feel so uncomfortable. 6:16 :Hmm Mk, all good :) 6:32 :A bit weird.. meh, won’t think about it 6:42 :Now your just copying Shazam the movie and Disney Hercules at the same time ;-; 14;11 Wasn't he supposed to be pure at heart???? WHY DOES THE ALADDIN FROM THIS MOVIE LOOK LIKE PAUL RUDD?!?! You can't rip of disney, they already use someone's else idea! ―Moses, from Joshua and the Promised Land.

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