He then approaches Meghan as she is playing in the mud and says goodbye, promising that he will be back by the end of the day. With the death of all of Woodbury's guards, Shumpert then becomes one of the Governor's few remaining right hand men, and participated in the Prison raid in "Welcome to the Tombs". Black is a former reporter for Seven News in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. After Penny was infected, died and turned into a walker, Philip was no doubt devastated and refused to put her down, possibly hoping one day a cure could be found for her. Gender He gets in a truck and drives back to the prison and The Governor's story finally catches up with the present storyline, where he is secretly watching the prison from a distance. While Michonne and Andrea are in the hospital, The Governor comes to check on them. They are later taken to The Prison gates with The Governor's militia, where he tells Rick and The Prison group that he will kill them if they don't give over The Prison before sundown. He tells Merle to execute Glenn and Maggie at the "screamer pits", but they are saved by Rick, Oscar, Daryl and Michonne, who had arrived to rescue them. The Governor fakes his name, saying that he is Brian Heriot. Later, Andrea asks if she can help out with something. He enters the shack where Maggie is being kept captive, he at first attempts being reasonable and nice, untying her from the chair and telling her that it's all a misunderstanding. The Governor has killed the sixth largest amount of living people, having total of at least 62 killed victims. The Governor hugs and comforts her. He listen another strange noise and follows it, finally finding Andrea as she stands in front of an old door. Pete names himself the leader of the group until they can properly vote on the matter. After Pete assumed leadership of the camp, the two seemed to establish a budding friendship. The Governor switches the subject to Michonne's walkers. When he accidentally tears a chunk of her scalp, she goes into a fit of rage. Their relationship seemed to get stronger at this point. Carl never interacted with the Governor, although it is clear that he despised him for causing harm to his group and clearly wanted him dead. Despite this, Hershel believes that the Governor isn't entirely bad, and what he has become is due to the state of the world now, and suggests to avoid conflict with him by leaving the prison. As The Governor beats up Rick, Michonne sneaks behind him and impales him through his back with her katana. They take David's truck and drive off. After having sex with Andrea, someone knocks at the door and the Governor goes to answer it. Foundation New Zealand Warriors rugby league back Phil Blake is returning to coach an English rugby union club he quite three years ago ahead of a betting rules breach ban. also latest information on Phil Blake cars, Phil Blake income, remuneration, lifestyle.Based on Online sources ( Wikipedia,google Search,Yahoo search) Phil Blake estimated net worth is $ USD 6 Mil and Primary income from rugby league player. Their relationship is further deteriorated in the times following the Prison group's attack on Woodbury, with Philip suspicious of her allegiance and Andrea seeing the more violent side of him. She revealed that she knows of WAGs who were given anti-chlamydia medication disguised as vitamins after their partners contracted STDs while cheating on them. The group explains to The Governor that they were kicked out of the prison and offer information about The Prison and the group. They arrive there exploding the guard towers, shooting all the barricades and running down the courtyard gate, but the prison seems to be empty, and The Governor decides to move inside. The 28-year-old Glee actor said he has spent the past eleven months trying to decide how to address the allegations.

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