The 2020 census saga perfectly crystallizes this challenge. Most of us Hispanics don’t know our exact % of race and are honestly too mestizo to even care one way or another. However, unless you are clear about who you are by identity, you may be grouped with a different race than your preference. He doesn’t look white, he doesn’t identify as white, and he has not for one minute here in the U.S. been viewed by others as white. There was a proposal to add MENA to the 2020 form, but the Office of Management and Budget, which makes the assigned identity group determinations about the census, decided to keep the same basic categories that were on the 2010 census form. So how do you get “Some other race” as the third-largest group? A Tragicomedy Ensues, Politics Meet Cleavage at Mexico's Presidential Debate Sunday Night, Venezuelan TV Host Gets Naked Delivering News about Cristiano Ronaldo, because Latin America, Now You Can Get High on Tamales, Because California, ¡Chingao! Waiyaki Way Cassia House, Ground Floor See, when you reach the the “race question” while filling out the 2020 U.S. Census, you’ll get options within five racial categories (see photo below:), This, of course, leaves this café con leche, whitish Mexican blogger born in Mexico practically in limbo, since I’m supposed to select “white” or “some other race” to comply and be able to go to the next window. What are our options and who determines the categories? Whether you plan to respond to the census online, in writing, or by telephone, one question you’ll have to answer will be how you self-identify. My U.S. Census 2020 questionnaire is here and while I'm all game and ready to fill out and submit this thing, I will forever be puzzled by the "race" question. How and why data are used is an important conversation, but it’s a different conversation from whether it is in your interest to respond to the census. Some data are critical to attempts to address structural disparities among America’s peoples, but data also can be used as a guide to steer resources away from those deemed political adversaries. Money or donations. So, in that sense, checking every box would be a more accurate contribution to understanding our country’s history. Both Hispanic and Latino are a marker for ethnicity, which has everything to do with culture and nothing to do with race. Special to the Trice Edney News Wire from Ethnic Media Services. But how does filling out the census or not filling out the census affect my immediate financial or economic condition? Additionally, there is no citizenship question on the 2020 Census. The keyword is reported. If you look mostly of one race (soy tan guero) then just put one race (in my case White and Spaniard) only. An individual’s response to the 2020 Census race . Change ). Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Im curious if there’s an extra question about ethnicity. This article is excerpted from Mark Mather et al., “What the 2020 Census Will Tell Us About a Changing America,” Population Bulletin 74, no. D’Vera Cohn, “Seeking Better Data on Hispanics, Census Bureau May Change How It Asks About Race” (April, 20, 2017), Cohn, “Seeking Better Data on Hispanics, Census Bureau May Change How It Asks About Race.”, Richard Alba, “There’s a Big Problem With How the Census Measures Race,”, Dowell Myers and Morris Levy, “Racial Population Projections and Reactions to Alternative News Accounts of Growing Diversity,”. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. 1875 Connecticut Avenue, NW Suite 520 My Cuban friend is also obviously Hispanic, but he’s clearly not the same race as me, so he put Hispanic and then Black or African-American on the page afterwards. The Census Bureau emphasizes that current race categories “reflect a social definition of race … not an attempt to define race biologically, anthropologically, or genetically.”2 The 2020 Census questionnaire will ask respondents to identify their race and whether they are of Hispanic origin in two separate questions. All Rights Reserved. Whites who read an article emphasizing the decline of the white majority reported much higher levels of anxiety and anger than whites who read about the enduring white majority as a result of intermarriage and inclusive racial/ethnic identity—racial and ethnic categories that permit people to appear in more than one group. 1 (2019). I try to give credit when I can. My U.S. Census 2020 questionnaire is here and while I’m all game and ready to fill out and submit this thing, I will forever be puzzled by the “race” question. Answer: You and your neighbor fall into what is called the MENA classification: Middle Eastern and North African. We understand you might have questions about providing this information. African Americans make up about 13 percent of the U.S. population, and four and ten are reported missing. To improve the accuracy of census data, Census Bureau staff tested a single question that combined the race and Hispanic ethnicity questions and allowed respondents to report more than one category (Hispanic and White, for example).4 Results from this 2015 test showed that Hispanics were significantly more likely to identify as Hispanic rather than choose the “Some Other Race” category. You might also reflect on that first constitutionally mandated census in 1790. I’m Egyptian and my neighbor is from Iran. How race is categorized has important political and social implications, argue Dowell Myers and Morris Levy of the University of Southern California.6 They measured whites’ attitudes toward demographic change after reading different randomly assigned versions of news articles describing the Census Bureau’s population projections. They don’t see themselves, Have census categories changed over time? father in law who immigrated here from Central America in 1977. There are two big picture takeaways: The OMB definitions of race and ethnicity in Census 2020 will remain consistent with Census 2010. For all I know you could write in Mestizo? This is only based on your own subjective take of course. Here’s how I answered based on a suggestion from a friend from last time’s 2010 census: for the ethnicity question I chose how I identify (Mexican American/Chicano) and for race I chose American Indian/Alaskan Native. One adult census respondent recalls discouraging his mother, who identifies as Black, from checking every major race category box on the form. 15) set by the Office of Management and Budget. Answer: As far as the census is concerned, Hispanics and Latinos are ethnic classifications not racial classifications. Despite the scientific view that race is an artificial social […] They were Irish, for example, Dutch or German. Mulatto, octoroon or quadroon once were options on the census form to describe African Americans of mixed heritage. If you have taken a DNA test, or you have a clear family history, then you should know what to accurately mark/write. What difference does the box I check make or any information I may add? The U.S. Census Bureau does not tell individuals which Jan. 26, 2018 – The 2020 Census race and ethnicity questions will follow a two-question format for capturing race and ethnicity for both the 2018 Census Test and the 2020 Census, which adheres to the 1997 Standards for the Classification of Federal Data on Race and Ethnicity (Statistical Policy Directive No. Washington, DC 20009 (Trice Edney Wire) – Everyone in the United States plays a race or ethnic card some time, or at least everyone responding to the census. question is based upon self-identification. 2020 Census form will ask "white" people to elaborate on ethnicity but does not expand questions for people who identify as Hispanic, Middle Eastern, or North African" Wed, Oct 14, 2020 Subscribe Learn how your comment data is processed. Equitable Communities Initiative Task Force To Guide $100 Million Investment In... Seattle Launches Financial Aid Program To Help Immigrants Impacted By COVID-19, Opportunity Pac – Elect Black Womxn Pre-Funk Party. During the 2016 presidential campaign and amid constant attacks by then-Republican nominee Donald Trump against Democrat Hillary Clinton, Obama spoke of raising the bar in the battle of barbs and innuendo. ), Hispanics and people from the Middle East or North Africa, back in limbo…. For tribe I listed “Unknown” but you could write in Aztec or Mayan.

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