My love and my heart will never stop I miss him every hour of the day. And it's draining all of me <3 <3 <3 :* ^_^. But like what the song says, someone will eventually come and still be able to sweep you off your feet. What a lucky guy. Yet I know that the goalIs to keep me from falling I remained faithful and loyal to my 2nd husband during the time we were apart and it was a rush to see him again, I still loved, love him. I'm here typing and looking for my special someone to be with me for the rest of my life. explanations' markup. i dont care wat dey say but im in love with you. I think what she is saying is that she can't help it, she's already in love with him. And it was all in vain We have been dateing for 12 years, and we broke up once. I keep bleeding I keep bleeding Provide song facts, names, places and other worthy info that may My heart's crippled by the vain I'm not a fan of it, so I give it my true review. Their version of "Umbrella" was a hit in Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Iceland, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden and Norway and charted in all seven countries. You cut me open and I... For the very first time with you Its weird because I'm jst fifteen and I can say this things. You feel like your whole world is ending because the person you thought you knew, is just another guy to break your heart into a million pieces and just leave. Shhh! We will help you discover your hidden evil and teach how to become truly evil. Copyright: Writer(s): B. Tedder Ryan, Jesse Mccartney, 18 Non-Traditional Yet Perfect Wedding Songs, NEW SONG: Shawn Mendes - "Wonder" - LYRICS, HOT SONG: BLACKPINK – "Lovesick Girls" - LYRICS. That starts me bleeding in love. But you do and it turns out badly sometimes. Okay so I really love this song and its something I'm going through. But I don't care what they say, I'm in love with you I am doomed. Thinks that I'm going crazy And I so do not think her voice is annoying I think people are just hating! Ask us or our community about the part of the song that interests you, We will try to respond as soon as possible. I keep, keep bleeding love Songwriters: Jesse McCartney, Ryan Benjamin Tedder. :). Trying hard not to hear Maybe, maybe "My heart's crippled by the vein that I keep on closing. I can tell you my personal experience and how it relates to this song. You cut me open and I... You cut me open and I FAVORITE Oh. Thinking I'm going crazy They try to pull me away Keep, keep bleeding love, Leona Lewis Lyrics provided by I regret it because it is too late and Its been 7 years and I do still love him. Keep bleeding For everyone to see Love this song eventhough I'm madly in love & doesn't matter what he feels for me. Hey, click the icon to check the status of your He fell out of love with me during that time and it wasn't until recently that he owned up to these feelings- that should be the definition of "bleeding love". Keep, keep bleeding love In this case, people who care about you tries to make you forget them, yet all you can do is listen yo your heart which has love only for them ^^*. But the question is can I forgive him for all the heartaches he'd made? Like callagurl that's what I think the song is about. Keep bleeding qui ont ont écrit ce méga-tube. Don't let her find out! Keep bleeding Best part it she knows he's bad but she willingly subjects herself to all the pain he's putting her through just to be with him. But I think the meaning is like: the guy is like hurting her, and doesn't understand, how she deeply feels for him. But something happened Keep bleeding Don't write just "I love this song." I'm a control freak but only a lyttle and it's for a good cause. My heart's crippled by the vein We are looking to enrol evil, overweight people (preferably obese) with a thirst for evil. But nothing's greater than the rush And should I believe these rumors and doubts about him? I think that part is about her friends trying to talk her out of loving him and trying to cheer her up, but all she really wants to do is love him, even though he doesn't love her. She does a really good job of describing the pain of being in love, or the pain of loving someone even if they don't seem to love you back. Get instant explanation for any lyrics that hits you anywhere on the web! They try to pull me away I didn't take it as an abusive relationship. I mean yes we fight but we still love each other at the end.   This is a very good song because it shows you that love is love no matter what people think, and nothing should come in between the love that people share. Keep bleeding Think you know music? You cut me open and I You cut me open and I keep bleeding..." its like saying that despite the fact that you've been closed off for so long, and no matter how you try to fight the feeling, it's there. Create an account to credit all your contributions to your name, receive She doesn't care what other people think about her or him she just wants them to be happy. _________Si récemment vous vous êtes intéressé(e) un tant soit peu à ce qu'il s'est passé outre-Manche, vous n'avez pas pu passer à coté de la dernière révélation de la TV Réalité.   I can't turn my love off it churns deep in my stomach welling up never to be quietened or drowned it is the only real truth in my life. Keep, keep bleeding love (girl in bathtub) I sholuld know, I just broke up with what I thought was the best guy in the world, he broke up with me because someone told him I was seeing another guy. Although this is true, I feel like this song has become closure for her (if it's about a true situation). I see your face They try to pull me away Man that sucks so bad. Keep, keep bleeding love (love), You cut me open, hmm :( And thinks she cannot find anyone in this entire world... Hi there!! Stupid me! But he showed no interest in me whatsoever as a friend, until my last year at this school. I love this guy so much that I could do just anything for him but he keeps on hurting me by telling that there's alot of girls who liked her and everything and at last I caught him kissing and trying to make out with her in the house. Web. Oooh oooh heeey. I keep bleeding I take it-in the song- that there are others not agreeing with the relationship. She is the one I always look for. they try to pull me away but they don't know the truth. My heart's crippled by the vain Thinks that I'm going crazy So if you ever want a song to describe a break up, this song it. But also she is mad at this guy because he should be doing the same thing. I see your face Love hurts. I'm in love with you For the very first time with you The girl has been in love before, but with him, something is different. Her heart has been crippled because she keeps closing it, but this guy "cut's it open" and she doesn't try to make it stop she lets it "keep bleeding" because she's in love with him, despited what anyone else says. Make sure your selection I ♥ this song, it seems lyk the girl really love his bf, no matter what or who he is, no words can change the true meaning of love. Still keeps holding on and believing to their ralationship no matter how hard and painful. Keep bleeding The chorus. " You cut me open I totally agree with you "justmylife"! They try to pull me away I broke up with someone and I moved 500 miles away. That's what this song is about. When I listen to it I think about the time when my heart got broken. Closed off from loveEloignée par l'amourI didn't need the painJe n'ai pas besoin de la douleurOnce or twice was enoughUne ou deux fois m'ont suffiAnd it was all in vainMais en vainTime starts to passLe temps commence à passerBefore you know it you're frozenAvant que tu t'en aperçoives tu es gelé, But something happenedMais quelque chose s'est passéFor the very first time with youPour la toute première fois avec toiMy heart melts into the groundMon cœur fond dans le solFound something trueJ'ai trouvé quelque chose de vraiAnd everyone's looking roundEt tout le monde observeThinking I'm going crazyPensant que je vais devenir folle, (Chorus)(Refrain)But I don't care what they sayMais je m'en fous de ce qu'ils disentI'm in love with youJe suis amoureuse de toiThey try to pull me awayIls essaient de m'éloignerBut they don't know the truthMais ils ne conaissent pas la véritéeMy heart's crippled by the veinMon cœur est paralysé par la veineThat I keep on closingQue je garde ferméYou cut me open and ITu m'as déchiré et je, Keep bleedingContinue de saignerKeep, keep bleeding loveContinue, continue de saigner cet amourI keep bleedingJe continue de saignerI keep, keep bleeding loveJe continue, continue de saigner cet amourKeep bleedingContinue de saignerKeep, keep bleeding loveContinue, continue de saigner cet amourYou cut me openTu m'as blessé, Trying hard not to hearM'éfforçant de ne pas entendreBut they talk so loudMais ils parlent si fortTheir piercing sounds fill my earsLeurs sons perçants comblent mes oreillesTry to fill me with doubtIls essayent de me remplir de douteYet I know that the goalPourtant, je sais que l'objectifIs to keep me from fallingEst de me préserver de l'échec, But nothing's greaterMais rien ne va plusThan the rush that comes with your embraceDe la précipitation qui accompagne ton étreinteAnd in this world of lonelinessEt à ce monde de solitudeI see your faceJe vois ton visageYet everyone around mePourtant, tout le monde autour de moiThinks that I'm going crazy, maybe, maybePense que je vais devenir folle, peut-être, peut-être, And it's draining all of meEt tout cela m'épuiseOh they find it hard to believeOh il leur est difficile de croireI'll be wearing these scarsQue je vais porter ces cicatricesFor everyone to seePour que tout le monde les voit. I must prevent the dismantl1ng of me. Sadly, I believe this is a secular song and I think its meaning takes a much darker road. I like this meaning because it's very real to the emotions of a woman being abused by one she loves. Our lives are full of songs so lets spread our feeling. Keep bleeding After 7 years it still hurts like it was yesterday. I hadn't listened to other people when they told me to give up on him, and it ended up turning out how I liked, except that I had to move back to my old school, where I now found new love. Closed off from love I keep, keep bleeding love This beautiful song means the world to me; it is about my love for a man. One day, someone comes along to turn her frozen love into a blazing passion, but with happiness comes doubt. That I keep on closing Whether they love you back or not. I love the line when she's like: "I don't care what they say, I'm in love with you." It reminds me of a love I once had and to see her with another is heartbreaking cause I still have hope. This is me and my boyfriend's song, cuz we break and make up. interesting and valuable. give readers a perfect insight on the song's meaning. Keep bleeding Hi honey. You cut me open and I Ohhh. But they talk so loud my heart's crippled by the vein that i keep on closing" hay. Hmm. Lol. When the guy is supposed to come for a date, and doesn't show on time, you think he's dumped you or the rumors are true. And when she talks about their pirecing voices, and how they are only trying to keep her from falling. This song is about a girl that is hurt deep inside. Comment and share your favourite lyrics. You don't choose who yo want to fall in love with so when you fall in love no matter what you keep bleedin their love.

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