The terrorist killings in a Black church is the product of 400 years of slavery, segregation and racist violence that still shapes life and labor today. The external media share in the unconsciousness of the medial body. Material on this Web site is licensed by, under a Creative Commons (by-nc-nd 3.0) license, except for articles that are republished with permission. The only direct contact possible for us is exactly the contact with the material means or medium through which we reach for something or someone else. My thanks go to Joseph O'Malley and Loyd Easton for reading earlier versions of this paper. The fact that this moment of the particularity of the agent is contained and realized in the action constitutes subjective freedom in its more concrete sense, the right of the subject to find his satisfaction in the action” (par. Paul can be contacted at [email protected]. an ullconditioned moral freedom, which aspired, 'kingdom of ends' based on mutual respect between persons (but. Why is there something rather than nothing. Self-Consciousness and Self-Grounding: Fichte and the Philosophy of Mind, Self-Consciousness and Ontological Self-Grounding: A Preamble, Dialectical Nihilism: An Essay on Nothing (and its Structure). As such the. Hence this blog. “Consciousness is”, as Merleau-Ponty writes, “being toward the thing through the intermediary of the body.” As Merleau-Ponty has shown with abundant detail, that focus on the world through the body always involves a hiddenness, a retreat, a “recess of the body” in unconscious immediacy. Cf. As I hope to make clear in the rest of this blog, this is all in line with Marx’s turning inside out (Umstulpüng) of Hegel’s dialectic. for this article. . And this reconciliation requires a mediator, a medium that provides the common ground on which self and other can meet. Freedom, equality, justice, tolerance, community, Christianity, ideology and the market—these are among capitalism's most strategic targets, and every one of Lichtman's arrows is a bull's-eye. No. In the 19th century, Karl Marx and his followers borrowed and adapted the dialectical argument of Hegel and used it effectively to develop dialectical materialism, an archenemy of all idealisms. It is this ontological orientation that allows Marx in the first Thesis on Feuerbach to refer to “the thing, reality” itself as praxis, as the realm of sensory activity in which man and nature determine each other reciprocally. Further, as you say, the need to retain a ‘critical attitude’, not just to their ‘own tradition’, but to everything (Marx’s omnibus dubitandum, ‘doubt everything’) is central to Democratic Communism. Marx formulates this insight with respect to the technical means of production as follows: “The object of which the laborer takes immediate control [during the proces if production, PS] is not the worked upon object [Arbeitsgegenstand], but the means of production [Arbeitsmittel].” In this sense we can speak of the immediacy of technology to humans.Immediacy of the mediumBut this unmediated ‘contact’ with the medium makes it clear that an immediate contact is strictly speaking impossible.

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