He sold large swaths of the media on a vision for a data-savvy stat-smart organization. Ekholm signed his contract 5 years ago (1 year early before his contract was up) which would mean his much more successful expiring contact year (where he almost doubled his point production) wouldn’t have played a part in his contract negotiations. It's also really odd. Enter your email below and we'll send you another email. (Sorry for the rant, I just have a lot of pent up aggression from all my years of reading canucksarmy rip). The only worse player signed for $1.75M less. (One thing to note, just speculatively, is that goaltending is relatively tough to “microstat” since the goalie has one job - stopping the puck. And after Arizona posted an 11-game improvement in the win column from 2014-15 to 2015-16, the franchise appears headed in the right direction as it seeks to embrace a more aggressive approach with Chayka leading the charge. So while I won’t say that Stepan’s drop-off is something Chayka should have fully anticipated, trading a 7th overall pick for a low-end 1st line centre who had never really been the best player on his line (and inevitably would be in Arizona) was a questionable endeavor from the word “go”. He will argue that he was lied to about what was to be discussed and that Chayka said he had no intention of leaving. Ownership wanted to focus on the playoffs, with any conversations about the future to wait. Local Real estate. Lj Hooker - Gungahlin. TruPerformance notoriously claimed, based on their tracked stats, that in 2016 Kris Russell was better than Marc-Édouard Vlasic, who at the time was the league’s best defensive defenceman according to macrostats. "The end goal is very clear: to create a winning environment and a destination players want to play in," Chayka said in his introductory press conference. His net worth, the commission estimated, was $205 million — less than 6 percent of what he’d told Forbes. John Chayka's story sounds more like something out of Silicon Valley than St. Catharines, Ont. Once again, Chayka made a longshot bet - that a 31-year old Kessel would provide enough goalscoring and powerplay help to make up for his other deficiencies - and lost. In 2016-17, Stepan had the benefit of playing 43% of his ice time with Chris Kreider and Mats Zucarello, two players who were better than him at the time. Like tech wunderkind Mark Zuckerberg, John Chayka's ascent hatched with a clever idea at a young age that blossomed into a successful business. Please only use it for a guidance and John Chayka's actual income may vary a lot from the dollar amount shown above. It doesn’t matter if you’re a GM from the old boys club or just a computer boy, the market has shifted ever since Connor McDavid got 12.5mil and Draisaitl got 8.5mil both off their rookie year deals in 2017. HockeyViz, Evolving-Hockey), Micro-stat tracking quantifying on-ice events (e.g. I also find it ironic that because macrostats are made public, you think it’s therefore the more accurate measurement due to public scrutiny. Like I’m supposed to believe Alex Galchenyuk who put up 95 points in 143 games, was actually below replacement level for those two seasons just because a simple line graph someone else made said so?

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