[169] Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional y Desarrollo (Spanish Agency for International Cooperation and Development), Study about the Situation of LGBTI People from the North of Central America with International Protection Needs in Guatemala and Mexico (Estudio sobre la situación de las personas LGBTI del norte de Centroamérica con necesidades de protección internacional en Guatemala y México), August 2018, http://www.aecid.es/Centro-Documentacion/Documentos/Acci%C3%B3n%20Humanitaria/Estudio%20LGBTI%20Norte%20Centroamerica.pdf (accessed September 11, 2020), p. 20. [138] The police report is on file with Human Rights Watch. [41] Organizations have also documented human rights abuses against gay asylum seekers in ICE custody.[42]. Legal gender recognition should not include burdensome requirements that violate rights, such as a requirement to undergo divorce, surgery, or psychiatric evaluation before changing one’s gender. The child who is commercially sexually exploited or engaged in sex work should not be prosecuted or penalized for having been party to illegal sex work. 211-213; “The AJD Presents an ‘Appeal of Unconstitutionality Against the New Penal Code’” (“Desde la AJD se llevó a cabo la Presentación de ‘Recurso de Inconstitucionalidad contra el Nuevo Código Penal’”), Asociación de Jueces por la Democracia news release, August 6, 2020, https://juecesporlademocracia.org/desde-la-ajd-se-llevo-a-cabo-la-presentacion-de-recurso-de-inconstitucionalidad-contra-el-nuevo-codigo-penal/?fbclid=IwAR0Qud2k3SNb0LTFHcnWJBqruNWLY6oXPX3beKnxx5sbt6HitTwzDUAQRMA (accessed September 11, 2020). [60] In 2017, the directorate launched an Inclusion Index aimed at setting standards and evaluating all government ministries and agencies on LGBT inclusion. Legal gender recognition should not include burdensome requirements that violate rights, such as a requirement to undergo divorce, surgery, or psychiatric evaluation before changing one’s gender. [332] CONADEH, “Impunity Prevails for Acts of Violence Against Members of Sexual Diversity” (“Prevalecen En La Impunidad Acciones De Violencia Contra Miembros De La Diversidad Sexual),” May 17, 2018, https://www.conadeh.hn/?p=2008 (accessed September 11, 2020). Maria was raped again as an adult, this time by gang members, in 2015. They should strengthen existing systems for tracking and investigating crimes based on anti-LGBT animus and should, where hate crimes statutes exist, prosecute such offenses as hate crimes and hold those responsible accountable. [501] OAS, General Assembly, Human Rights, Sexual Orientation, and Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity and Expression, AG/RES. Twice, Michelle said, her father hit her so hard that she vomited blood and had to seek medical treatment. This report was written by Neela Ghoshal, senior researcher in the LGBT Rights program at Human Rights Watch, with assistance from Cristian González Cabrera, researcher in the LGBT Rights program. [206] In July 2020, several legislators launched a campaign to have the ombudsperson, Jordán Rojas, dismissed because of his stances in support of LGBT rights and access to abortion. When you don't know what the future holds, anything could happen.

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