1990, c. O.18 and the Standards and Guidelines for Consultant Archaeologists by the Ministry of Culture. Draft approval of a plan of subdivision which shows the organization of land uses to the south of the proposed service road between Falcon Creek and Indian Creek, and the access to the employment lands to the south. Submission of a parking study to the satisfaction of the Directors of Engineering and Planning for each phase of development, which demonstrates the adequacy of the existing parking and extablishes parking requirements for the seniors' apartment building use in the context of the seniors' village. Learn more about the Tree By-law and how it applies to you. The Regional Official Plan guides community growth in Halton Region. Establishment of a revised creek block to the satisfaction of Conservation Halton. learn more about the Youth Job Connection. Appendix 'A' does not constitute a part of this By-Law and is provided for reference only. Before you make a formal planning application to Halton Region, please consult with Local and Regional planning staff. Learn more. learn about the Halton Waste Management Site. The Holding symbol shall be removed from the zoning designation by way of an amending by-law when a building permit application has been submitted for development within all building envelopes 'A', 'B' and 'C' in accordance with the "BC1-320" zone provisions. Halton has issued a series of Guidelines that support the implementation of the Official Plan. The ROP addresses region-wide issues and provides a consistent vision for land use in Burlington, Halton Hills, Milton and Oakville. Engineering design guides that define standards for public infrastructure projects. The new platform has nine tools including surveys, polls, mapping, budget simulator, discussion forums, story telling and more. $5,000 or 10% (whichever is greater) +HST, 5% +HST (To a maximum of $100, 000 + HST), Local Official Plan Amendments, when 'not-exempt'. Prior to the removal of the 'H' Holding symbol assemble adjoining surplus lands to the west owned by the Ministry of Transportation and surplus portions of Plains Road to the north owned by the City of Burlington. (iii) The number and location of access points to the development are adequate and safe. Halton Region - regional government for residents in: Employment Programs and Supports for Employers, Halton Region Community Investment Fund (HRCIF). The City of Burlington will begin to offer private music lessons, Adult 19+ and 55+ and outdoor aquatic programs starting on Sept. 8 as part of its Fall Redesign initiative following the provincial government's announcement of stage 3 reopening. Learn more about Official Plan Amendments and Process. c) the provisions of Part II, Section 2.9, Waste Disposal Sites, of the Official Plan have been met to the satisfaction of the City of Burlington, in consultation with the Ministry of the Environment. Subscribe to Halton Region's alerts and newsletters. H-GE1, H-GE2; Map 28; Resolution No. The Holding symbol shall be removed from the zoning designation by way of an amending by-law when a building permit application has been submitted for development within all building envelopes 'A', 'B' and 'C' in accordance with the "CN1-321" zone provisions. a business interested or working in Halton Region. e) A public or private park, provided no permanent buildings or structures are erected. Regional Official Plan Review (ROPR) Halton Region launched a Review of its Regional Official Plan Review in 2015. Completion of a signed Site Plan Agreement if required by the City. Zoning information for By-laws 2014-014, 2009-189 and 1984-63. It's simple - if you are a property owner who wants to submit an application for development approval, you should first reach out to the Planning Department of your local municipality: If you've been told by your local municipality's Planning Department to approach us, Halton Region is the approval authority for: Planning Services acts as the 'one-window' in coordinating the Region's review on most development applications in Halton. As a result, parts of the site may not function properly for you. It includes goals and objectives for new development that reflect the vision of residents and regional council. It allows Local and Regional staff to identify studies or additional materials that may be required to properly evaluate your proposal. (iii) Indemnify and save harmless the City and Burlington Hydro, its officers, employees, servants or agents from all costs, damages, claims, actions, demands, losses, causes or action, interest and suits that it or they may incur or be put to as a result of, or in any connection with, the construction and use of the proposed road until it is fully assumed by the City. Receive in-depth news articles related to the City of Burlington. b) In the event the plan of subdivision does not proceed the Holding symbol shall be removed following: (i) Completion of the Master Servicing Agreement for the lands bounded by Upper Middle Road, Burloak Drive, Mainway and the Sheldon Creek; (ii) Where at least 60 ha of the lands bounded by Upper Middle Road, Burloak Drive, Mainway and the Sheldon Creek is developed as one use under one ownership, the Master Servicing Agreement shall be between the owner and the City and shall require the owner to install services to the satisfaction of the City; (iv) Completion of an Agreement with the City which shall include the appropriate conditions approved by Council for the subdivision of the lands. Where a zone designation contains the prefix "H" the lands identified shall not be developed or redeveloped until the City enacts an amending By-Law removing the "H" holding symbol. The Holding symbol shall be removed from all or part of the zoning designation by way of an amending zoning by-law when the following is completed to the satisfaction of the City's Director of Engineering and the Region of Halton: Extension of full water, wastewater and storm sewer services to the subject lands. Any archaeological assessment or activity shall be performed in accordance with the requirements of The Ontario Heritage Act, R.S.O. Council Live Stream Notwithstanding any other provision of this By-Law, where the zone designation includes an "H" Holding symbol prefix, no person shall use such lands or erect any building or structure for any purpose, except in accordance with the following permitted uses and regulations: a) Part 1: General Conditions and Provisions. Part 1, Subsection 2.21, "Uses Permitted in All Zones". To learn more, visit our. Contact. It sets out a series of goals and objectives that make sure new development meets the needs of residents. Submission of a market impact study which demonstrates that there will be no unacceptable adverse impact on the planned function of any existing or designated retail commercial area and existing supermarkets/grocery stores in the primary trade area, submission of an engineering study to the satisfaction of the City's Director of Engineering which indicates that the lands are not required for storm water management purposes; and. Public festivals and event listings in this calendar should also be cancelled. Enter into an agreement with the City of Burlington to include the following conditions: a) complete the following to the satisfaction of the Director of Planning: (i) land assembly of the property with 2051 and 2055 Ghent Avenue. The applicant shall confirm the minimum separation distance is maintained between the bottom of in-ground casket burials and the water table. Milton is committed to accessibility. Site Specific Requirements for Removal of an 'H' Holding Symbol, (Note:  Appendix 'A' is for reference purposes only and does not constitute part of this By-Law). Temporary Sport Field & Facility Closures. Learn about the Regional Official Plan in Halton region. The extension of full water, wastewater and storm sewer services to the subject lands. Official Plans must conform to current provincial policy: The Regional Official Plan (ROP) has policies that guide how Halton grows and develops. The conveyance free of charge, of any land to the City required to facilitate the northerly extension of Harrison Court. (v) Enter into an agreement with the Region of Halton for the construction of the watermain and the sanitary sewer within the road allowance.

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