The victory snapped Ortiz's 5-year skid without a win. Shamrock knew though that Tito was struggling to hold him down and as he escaped from the bottom at the end of the 4th round, he landed an elbow that hurt Tito and followed it up with a barrage of punches that forced Ortiz to tap out to. Sylvia continued to batter Nogueira during the 2nd round while stuffing his takedowns and standing up whenever he pulled guard. "[18] The overall ratings record would not be matched until UFC 75 on September 8, 2007. Ortiz than fought against previous The Ultimate Fighter 1 winner Forrest Griffin on April 15, 2006. The event celebrated the 10th anniversary of the UFC. It is regarded as one of the biggest feuds in MMA history. Smith though established his guard and began stifling Colemans attacks and making Coleman work to keep him on the ground. Griffin took a razor thin unanimous decision, but the fight was so entertaining that Dana White declared  there was ‘no loser’ and gave Bonnar the same contract Griffin got. He then lost his next to bout to Pedro Rizzo via TKO. Did that shirt really say what I thought that it said?' Ken also expressed his feelings after the match: "I thought I was going to be able to put on more of a fight, but reality sets in and I have to realize that I just don't have the skills I used to have or the strength I used to have...I guess you come to a point where you figure, wow, I'm just not the same person I was. The shots were wild and they were hard nd they were trading almost evenly, but Liddell was landing the harder blows. UFC President Dana White said;[12], "We feel that no two individuals are more deserving than Royce and Ken to be the charter members. Shamrock's ACL injury explained his ineffective wrestling in the fight, which had been an enormous strength for Shamrock throughout his career prior to the Ortiz fight. [1] Quoting MMA Weekly's Ivan Trembow, \"That breaks down to an amazing 5.7 million viewers for the Ortiz vs. Shamrock fight. The years following the first bout, the rivalry between Ortiz and Shamrock remained very heated. All three fights took place under Ultimate Fighting Championship in the United States. Then just at the time when people might have thought the fight wasn’t going to live up to expectations, they began exchanging. The pitty him for having to live with such a big head. Despite this, Couture won a unanimous decision in dominant fashion and became the undisputed UFC light heavyweight champion. By this time, Shamrock's skills had diminished significantly due to injuries and aging but he was still considered to be a very dangerous and strong opponent. Taktarov though was showing signs of fatigue by 10 minutes into the fight as Abbotts bombs were taking their toll on him. The energy of that fight, it was phenomenal, and it was the first time I honestly said, it’s going to make it." Wanderlei continued to stand in the pocket though and Liddell even started walking him down but everytime he landed his home run strike, Wanderlei returned fire and they traded bombs. 3- Chuck Liddell unanimous decision Wanderlei Silva (UFC 79) This was the crazy super fast lightweight battle. Sports", "Flashback to UFC 40: The Shape of Things to Come",,, "Zuffa Creates "Hall of Fame" with Shamrock, Gracie Charters", "Ken Shamrock's greatest hits - UFC - Yahoo! "[4], Color commentator Joe Rogan called the fight a "dream match" and "the most incredible night in mixed martial arts history" at the start of the show and admitted that he had no idea who was going to win the fight. Their contributions to our sport, both inside and outside the Octagon, may never be equaled.". While this is my all-time favourite MMA fight, I do believe there are two better fights in the UFC, but this is the one I enjoyed watching the most. Hughes continued to punish Trigg from on top before Trigg gave up his back. Shamrock gave a gracious speech after the fight but left it ambiguous whether he would retire from the sport. 5- Randy Couture unanimous decision Pedro Rizzo (UFC 31) In my heart and my mind I'm still a competitor, but my body's just not following. 4- Matt Hughes submission (1st) Frank Trigg (UFC 52) After two rounds of action, I had the fight scored 18-18 with Couture winning the first 10-8 and Rizzo the 2nd 10-8. After Shamrock weighed in at 206, Ortiz threw a fit, arguing that the fight contract was clear about the weight limit being 205. I was not intimidated by him, but I guess you can say I was a little bit afraid. The judges cards read the same as mine and Couture retained his belt by unanimous decision. So they have to usher Tito back to a room and get him away from the Lion's Den. Frye would go on to win two more fights that night, one of them against Tank Abbott which was #23 on this list, to win the tournament. After the fight was over, Shamrock revealed that he fought Ortiz with a serious knee injury (a torn ACL). Everybody's freaking out about it...there was such a buzz about it, everybody was running around everywhere. Ortiz shed light upon his feelings before the fight in his book This is Gonna Hurt: The Life of a Mixed Martial Arts Champion: "Ken Shamrock is a real good fighter. Shamrock … 6- Frank Shamrock submission (4th) Tito Ortiz (UFC 22) A battle a long time coming with Nogueira and Sylvia at one point holding the PRIDE and UFC Heavyweight titles at the same time. Nogueira scored a takedown in the final seconds, but Sylvia was saved by the bell. Kimo was coming off an impressive win over Shamrock's longtime rival, Tank Abbott. The manner in which Ortiz easily secured numerous takedowns was surprising to some because Shamrock had displayed excellent wrestling and takedown defense throughout his career to that point. UFC 253: DC Rating Adjustment Reveal. Boxing is full of stories where somebody just fights when they really shouldn't any longer.". Hughes again looked for the rear naked choke and after a brief struggle forced Trigg to submit. The feud began to build on January 8, 1999, at UFC 18. Ortiz was the hungry young contender who had just blown through Jerry Bohlander and Guy Mezger and was gunning for Shamrock and his belt. In addition, the fighters at the Lion's Den claimed that nobody took Shamrock down in training. Frye then showed the newest trick in his game, an ability to fight off his back as he survived Goodridges onslaught and then swept the much larger man. Referee Herb Dean deemed that Shamrock was no longer able to intelligently defend himself and stopped the fight. Abbott tried to finish, but Taktarov played his guard well and managed to wear Abbott down. The event featured a card headlined by a highly anticipated championship grudge match between then-current UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Tito Ortiz and former UFC Superfight Champion Ken Shamrock, who had previously defected to professional wrestling in the WWE before returning to MMA. Ken Shamrock was a guy who was well-respected, had accomplished a lot in this sport."[1]. Ortiz, while in Shamrock's full guard, was able to land several elbows to Shamrock's head which went undefended. Ortiz went on to face Randy Couture at UFC 44 for the undisputed UFC Light Heavyweight Championship in September 2003. In the third round Nogueira pulled half guard and quickly swept Sylvia. From there Hughes rained down punches and elbows that bloodied Trigg up. [19] Immediately after the fight, Ortiz initially celebrated his victory with a mocking "grave digger" routine and an offensive T-shirt that said, "Punishing Him into Retirement" after giving him the finger. Shamrock was to have competed against Boxing's Heavyweight Champion James Toney in a specialized MMA bout in Fall 2011, but it did not materialize. Ortiz was the hungry young contender who had just blown through Jerry Bohlander and Guy Mezger and was gunning for Shamrock and his belt. Ortiz himself confronted Shamrock at the UFC 48 press conference, stating to Shamrock: "If you'd like to come down to 205, I'd love to give you another ass whooping." At 42 years old, Shamrock was significantly past his prime and no longer a championship caliber fighter. ‘The Rock’ scored with numerous hard leg kicks that had Couture limping as well as scoring with hard punches to the face. The hype and buzz surrounding the MGM Grand Garden Arena for the event was unlike anything mixed martial arts had ever seen before. The event sold out the MGM Grand Arena and sold 150,000 pay per view buys, a rate over three times larger than the previous Zuffa events. Page 123,, "Sherdog's Ultimate Fighting Championship Fan Page - Results - UFC XVII", "UFC 40: Signs of life - UFC - Yahoo! Shamrock returned to fighting in 2008 and lost to Robert Berry via technical knockout. "[2], Ortiz's manager, Sal Garcia, added: "one of the other fighters comes in at that point and says, 'hey, Ken Shamrock and the Lion's Den, they want to come over and kick Tito and Sal's asses.

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