The state provided support to pregnant women — mostly unmarried — deemed racially “pure”; many of the babies were given to German couples, often SS officers and their families.). Trump has previously suggested he has superior genes and boasted about his "German blood. "I'm proud to have that German blood ... great stuff," Trump said in a 2014 documentary. L.A. will be ticketing on street-sweeping days again starting Oct. 15. Disgusting: Sen. Blumenthal Throws Tantrum After Amy Coney Barrett Hearing, Calls For Protests "In The Streets", An Overlooked Signature Leaked with Hunter Biden Emails Could Mean a Bigger FBI Investigation, Minnesota Dem Candidate Blows The Lid Off Of Vote Buying Scheme In Ilhan Omar's District, Sean Feucht / Twitter video screen shot Organizer Alleges Nashville Christians Are Being 'Selectively' Targeted for 'Harassment and Punishment'. Winners would frequently be recognized in newspapers. Flashback from Brian Thomas: modern American progressives, cheering for a Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders presidency, have forgotten their history. President Trump has alarmed Jewish leaders and others with remarks that appeared to endorse “racehorse theory” — the idea that selective breeding can improve a country’s performance, which American eugenicists and German Nazis used in the last century to buttress their goals of racial purity. Democratic candidates for Senate are raising so much money, campaigns and party operatives say, that they’re looking for new places to spend it, expanding ad buys into more markets. Trump’s remark was not the first time that he has spoken favorably about the racehorse analogy, which has been embraced by white supremacists for decades. Hygiene courses in public schools and eugenics courses in colleges spread eugenic-minded values to many. In Sparta, every Spartan child was inspected by the council of elders, the Gerousia, which determined if the child was fit to live or not. The rise of the Progressive Movement is not something to be proud of. Theodore Roosevelt, Alexander Graham Bell, John D. Rockefeller, Jr., and many other prominent citizens were outspoken supporters. […] eugenics served as a key tool of the Progressive policy makers of the 1920s. Nowadays eugenics is portrayed as an unfortunate detail in the story of an otherwise glowing movement, Progressivism. “You can absolutely be taught things. (Nazi Germany ran the Lebensborn program to cultivate Aryan traits. In short, the guiding principle of the Progressives’ domestic reforms, the aim that guided their assessment of existing social conditions, was a felt obligation to improve the relative level of physical, mental and moral development in America. But in recent years, public support for eugenics has made a comeback. Poll: Support for ACB Confirmation Turns Into Landslide as Hearings Continue, EXPOSED: Maxine Water's SICK Hypocrisy on Nepotism in Politics, Democrat Hypocrisy on Kavanaugh Versus Ellison Brutally Summed Up, Slimy Feinstein's Next Dirty Trick Brutally Summed Up, 3 Savage New Cartoons Rip Democrats to Pieces Over Kavanaugh, Democrat's Kavanaugh Playbook Brutally Exposed, Organizer Alleges Nashville Christians Are Being 'Selectively' Targeted for 'Harassment and Punishment'. "You have good genes. Progressivism, still working to empower government and cripple the individual, has horrifying roots, the cornerstones of which are eugenics and forced sterilization. Michigan court blocks two-week absentee ballot extension. You think we’re so different? Recently, eugenics seems to spend even more time in the open, perpetuated by President Trump and his obsessions with “the right genes” and the criminality of immigrants. Schools in counties bordering L.A. County can reopen, although not all doing so. Trump has also rejected the notion that "all men are created equal," perhaps the most famous line from the Declaration of Independence, saying some men are "smart" and some "aren't.". The racehorse theory. […] eugenics served as a key tool of the Progressive policy makers of the 1920s. A leading-edge research firm focused on digital transformation. So great was the faith of state officials in their own diagnoses that the officials assumed even radical measures, such as forced sterilization, to be justified. You think we're so different? “Darwin’s ambiguity on the question of whether evolution resulted in progress or merely change left enough leeway for progressives to claim society must take charge of its own evolution,” Mr. Leonard (author of the book “Illiberal Reformers”) notes. Scientists who study human intelligence and accomplishment generally agree that while genetics may play some role, the success of individuals is heavily shaped by their environment, including their families and neighborhoods, as well as other factors including mentoring some people receive and simple chance. Column: To understand why some Black men support Trump, start with Ice Cube. Democratic donors fuel record-breaking fundraising in Senate races. Across the U.S., “there were two avenues that eugenicists used to exploit what they thought of as the racehorse theory of human development,” D’Antonio said. “You don’t have it in your blood.”. 21: Does expanding rent control make sense in a COVID recession? RELATED: EXPOSED: Maxine Water's SICK Hypocrisy on Nepotism in Politics. In “Mein Kampf,” Adolf Hitler wrote approvingly about the United States’ immigration restrictions, Lombardo said. Initially used for horses, the theory was ultimately used to justify selective breeding of people, including forced sterilization laws that were on the books in 32 states and used in some of them up through the 1970s. Trump’s closing argument heavy on pleas, insults and contempt, Facing a backlash, Ice Cube defends his role advising the Trump administration. The term eugenics was coined in 1883 by British scientist Francis Galton. I just want to say I am beginner to blogs and certainly liked this blog site. Don’t you believe? The goal of progressivism was not to react to change while maintaining America’s founding principles of personal freedom and limited government. He said eugenics theory was used to justify forced sterilization laws, as well as immigration restrictions and miscegenation prohibitions. Times Internet Limited. “You have good genes,” President Trump told a mostly white crowd at a campaign rally Sept. 18 at a Bemidji, Minn., airport. Trump was heavily criticized over these comments at the time, given Ford's anti-Semitic writings and his relationship with the Nazis. Before Hitler, there was a time when eugenics wasn't just popular — it was mainstream. “And I mean, when I say something, I mean a lot.”, Three years later, he told CNN that his father was successful and it naturally followed that he would be too: “I have a certain gene. More than 65,000 people were “officially” sterilized against their will, said Paul Lombardo, a Georgia State University law professor who specializes in bioethics, though he suspects the actual number is far larger. You know, the racehorse theory, there is something to the genes,” Trump told Larry King on CNN in 2007. The American eugenics movement was rooted in the biological determinist ideas of Sir Francis Galton, which originated in the 1880s. ‘Are we going to choose white supremacy?’ Voters of color react to Trump’s comments. Tap here to add The Western Journal to your home screen. Rob Eshman, the former editor of the Jewish Journal who is now the national editor of the influential Jewish American online newspaper the Forward, said Trump’s language was a clear signal to his supporters who harbor racist or anti-Semitic views. “You could never have done the job we did,” Trump said to former Vice President Joe Biden, the Democratic nominee. Voters of color reacted with alarm, or sometimes shrugs, to President Trump’s failure to disavow white supremacist groups during Tuesday’s debate. It was also used to argue against immigration by Italians and others. Feinstein’s Senate role is at issue as Democrats fume over her committee performance. U.S. courts upheld the states’ sterilization policies, concluding that the states’ power indeed ranged broadly enough “to cover cutting the fallopian tubes.”. But there is something. You have good genes in Minnesota," Trump said to his supporters in a state where many people are of Scandinavian descent. As voters prepare to vote on a rent control ballot measure, supporters and opponents are both pointing to the coronavirus as a reason to pass or reject Prop. President Donald Trump reacts to the crowd at the end of a campaign event at the Bemidji Regional Airport in Bemidji, Minnesota, September 18, 2020. Minnesota is a predominantly white state where many people are of Scandinavian descent. Hilary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and their millions of supports proudly identify as Progressives. I’m a gene believer. The concept of positive eugenics to produce better human beings has existed at least since Plato suggested selective mating to produce a guardian class. “You have good genes, you know that, right?” Trump told a mostly white crowd of supporters in Bemidji, Minn., on Sept. 18. Eugenics arose in the U.S. as the gains Black people had made during the Reconstruction era came under attack by white people aiming to maintain power, often by murder and mob violence. TRENDING: Poll: Support for ACB Confirmation Turns Into Landslide as Hearings Continue. I am loving it!! For the Progressives, the government’s obligation in this regard was perfectly compatible with treating different races (whom they believed were at varying stages of development), differently in law and policy. Adolf Hitler was rightly vilified for his atrocious practice of eugenics, which was a euphemism for mass murder. He’s an incredibly accomplished guy, my mother’s incredibly accomplished, she’s an Olympian, so I’d like to believe genetically I’m predisposed to better-than-average,” Trump Jr. told Michael D’Antonio in a 2014 interview, according to a transcript provided by the author. “It has been astounding to me as somebody who has studied this stuff for 40 years that any public figure would be willing to use that kind of language that so clearly echoes the kinds of things we heard from the people who were running the eugenics movement back in the ‘20s and ‘30s.”. The concept was often used against people of color, Jewish people and Native Americans, but it was also used against white people who were deemed “feeble-minded,” delinquent or otherwise damaged. The second avenue in the U.S. was institutionalization and sterilization. In the late 1800s and early 1900s, some mainstream scientists and elected officials in the United States, particularly in California, urged “the improvement” of the citizenry through eugenics. By World War I many scientists and political leaders supported eugenics, though it ultimately failed as a science. California Sen. Dianne Feinstein faces calls to forfeit her senior role on the Judiciary Committee as Democrats slam her performance at Amy Coney Barrett’s hearing. 16 boost California’s Latino-, Black-, Asian- and women-owned companies? L.A. is set to resume parking enforcement on street sweeping days and other enforcement actions after a city report cited complaints about trash piling up on roadways and a drop in revenue. Seema Mehta is a reporter covering the 2020 presidential campaign. The Trump administration has secretly deported Venezuelans through third countries despite seeking the government’s downfall amid demonstrably dangerous conditions in Venezuela, according to records and a U.S. senator.

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