Eventbrite - The Doors of Perception - Saturday, November 16, 2019 at Red Star Rock Bar Ybor, Tampa, FL. They have a perfect present and no future.” — Bruce Sterling, writer and leader of the Viridians, Kicking off the “Dimensions of Lightness” day, science fiction writer Bruce Sterling began his critique of lightness citing Stewart Brand’s How Buildings Learn, noting that “geodesic domes cannot learn; they do so much with so little that there is nothing left to teach them,” leaving no provision for organic growth or human messiness. The first Doors of Perception from 1993 to 2000 took place in Amsterdam. While human progress (which has taken place in spite of nature) has increased the efficiency of our use of matter and energy, to make this an explicit goal leads to stasis. Its founder and first director is John Thackara. Each album includes extra tracks consisting of previously unreleased session outtakes. Lightness was the most thoroughly documented, non-academic conference I have attended, with a live Webcast, full transcripts online and a forthcoming CD-ROM, produced with Ijsfontein, that should now be available. This is the text of my plenary talk at the Design x Collaborative Cities conference, 28 and 29 October 2018, Shanghai. Freedom. Day three brought us to “Tools for Designing Lightness,” beginning with an inspiring talk by aeronautical engineer and academic Adriaan Beukers’ about the future of materials. If/Then has had an enviable longevity. They have proliferated, and not just in designland, over the last ten years. This tribute band will bring you right back to the psychedelic ear with the sights, sounds, and atmosphere of a real Doors show. People often travel thousands of miles, while their employers spend half a month’s salary on this, accommodation and conference fees, and lose their employees services for up to a week as they go virtually incommunicado. It can only sit on the sidelines, chiding the rest of us, befuddled as we solve the problems, almost unconsciously, which the Greens considered intractable. “Geodesic domes make no provision for organic growth or human messiness. Information design and the visualization of complex — and personally critical — data are unique challenges. Even more dramatically he claimed that the amount of matter and energy wasted, or caused to be wasted, to meet his daily needs is roughly one million pounds per year. Aware of this, Thackara commented that he saw Doors as a “rock in a pond,” on the edge of an industry dominated by events such as Comdex but influencing them as its ripples spread out. On the more poetic side she recounted a project undertaken while at Xerox PARC for color printer promotion at the Atlanta Olympics, which involved arranging parking cars in order of color by issuing locations based on the ticket machine’s scan. John Thackara is a writer, advisor and event producer. “If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is, Infinite. Allow Facebook friends to see your upcoming events? Dott was inspired by two questions: "what might life in a sustainable region be like? Three presenters brought together complementary ideas about mapping the digital and the real world. In his introductory remarks, John Thackara cited Six Memos for the Next Millennium, in which Italo Calvino writes about “lightness of thought, not as in fun.” This is my favorite interpretation of lightness, and one I would have liked to see more in evidence in the discussion of the broader implications of the conference theme. How many attendees actually write the requisite reports on the events they attend, and how does their experience enhance their organisation’s knowledge more generally? The Attic at Rock Brothers Brewing, Tampa, Haggis Celtic Concerts Presents: A Celtic Christmas, Halloween Rock Night! [US style spelling and punctuation]. Based in Tampa, Florida the DOP were formed in 2012 by singer and lifelong Doors fan, Douglas Austin. Doors of Perception, which has moved from being an event to an institution, hosts what is now the largest, and certainly the most eclectic, design conference in Europe — and pulls it off in style. Clearly the networking aspect of Doors is key, and attending forces the audience to take time out to focus on the presentations and discuss the ideas behind them. The Morrison Joplin review combines the inspired music of Jim Morrison and The Doors with the emotional energy of Janis Joplin. Visualizing the abstract was the theme of architect-turned-media information designer Lisa Strausfeld’s lecture (delivered on the last day of the event, “Tools for Designing Lightness”). The morning-after-the-night-before meant that many weary heads remained horizontally challenged. Lightness of mass, pressure and restriction on movement were critical issues in designing the physical product. How much matter and energy is available to “waste” in the first place? Conferences are strange affairs. Big numbers tied to apocalyptic themes tend to grab attention, but out of context they are meaningless. Flow. Is the developed world more or less efficient than the developing? “Only 6% of material in advanced economies ends up in products,” he told the audience, “yet we continue oblivious.” To make the point he held up an Apple PowerBook, belonging to one of the presenters, claiming that the waste generated to make it was close to 4,000 times its weight. Asking himself why his experience of drop skiing — ostensibly a “heavy” activity involving weight and gravity — should make him feel light, he had been reminded of his teacher Mike Csikszentmihalyi’s research on the “Psychology of Optimal Experience.” Csikszentmihalyi’s interviews had revealed that “people would describe [such an] experience as one of release, as one of lightness, as one of forgetting the constraints of place and time and being in this experience that they came to call flow.” He moved on to quote Jacob Gutzel’s maxim that “a good theory gives you something to think about, but a great theory gives you something to think with,” citing Watson and Crick’s DNA models in evidence and asking where we might use models as a part of our everyday approach to work. experimental classic rock band, The Doors. Van Tijen mused that “we have so much to see and read, that we need to make space for our own creativity.” On the topic of the modern museum, he was aggrieved that they cost more than the art inside them. with an authentic recreation of The Original artists live show, including everything from the wardrobe and theatrics to the keyboard bass.

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