He went to parties by himself and got a famous actress’s number with intention to date her at the same time as me. I knew this all stemmed from his fear of being alone (He actually got engaged very shortly after I left him) so luckily I remained strong in my resolve to leave him, despite my only desire for three years being that he loved me the way I loved him. I generally stopped speaking unless spoken to while with him, drifting through life like a ghost. I watched and supported him as he grew from a mildly successful podcaster to a powerhouse CEO of his own company. She produced and co-hosted the web series Just Cos for the Nerdist Industries' YouTube channel and is a cast member of the SYFY show Heroes of Cosplay. I’ve got a wonderful group of friends, a healthy career, a film I’m proud of, a show I’m proud of, two wonderful dogs, a house I own, and a bright future (at least, in my eyes). Well, not a little nervous, a lot nervous. The person I used to date would try to sue me due to pride- I would not recommend it. When you’re alienated from your friends, there’s no one to tell you that there’s a drinking fountain 20 feet away. Looking for something to watch? Who is Chloe Dykstra, ... unlisted on Medium. I’m feeling really sick.” He responded, “I just want to remind you, the reason my last relationship didn’t work out was because of the lack of sex.” It was a veiled threat. In the article, Dykstra accused the alleged perpetrator of "long-term" abuse, sexual assault ... Chloe Dykstra says she contemplated suicide following ... Dykstra, who dated the TV personality for three years, accused her former boyfriend of sexual and emotional abuse in an essay published to Medium in June. What’s Marvel Cooking Up? Our three year relationship was not perfect—we were ultimately not a good match and argued—even shouted at each other—but I loved her, and did my best to uplift and support her as a partner and companion in any way and at no time did I sexually assault her. A kiss I immediately told him about, and he, surprisingly, instantly forgave me. For how cold and unkind he was to me 90% of the time. ), “We have had a positive working relationship with Chris Hardwick for many years,” began the AMC statement. In my early twenties, I was a vibrant, goofy kid who loved video games, Doctor Who, dressing up in cosplay with my friends, and karaoke nights. “For several weeks after we broke up, she asked to get back together with me and even told me she wanted to have kids with me, ‘build a life’ with me and told me that I was ‘the one,’ but I did not want to be with someone who was unfaithful,” he said. This is my personal journey, and Taylor is my spirit. Let me add here: I’ll never forget the night this man slept in a cot at the foot of my hospital bed after my surgery. Chloe Dykstra was born on September 15, 1988 in Los Angeles, California, USA as Chloe Frances Dykstra. From now on, please only refer to me as Taylor Swift. Chloe Dykstra, Actress: Spider-Man 2. It made me believe that deep down inside of him maybe there was a man who loved me. “That’s great. I have an important announcement to make, and I’m a little nervous to tell you. But I never received closure. © Copyright 2020 Variety Media, LLC, a subsidiary of Penske Business Media, LLC. It got so bad I ended up having to ask my lawyer to write his a letter. For losing the life and friendships I’d built because of his insecurities. Nerdist also included numbers for sexual assault hotlines in its statement. Thank you for your support. I have audio/video that will support and prove many of the things I’ve stated in this post. This time in my life was agony. To be fair, I did go along with it out of fear of losing him. This alienated me from my friends. Pitch "Wonder Woman Vs. _______" to Doug. “I’m devastated to read that she is now accusing me of conduct that did not occur. He called it “starfishing”. She enjoyed the lifestyle. As a husband, a son, and future father, I do not condone any kind of mistreatment of women.”. She is also a freelance game journalist for several websites. Comic-Con — 10 Burning Questions: Will ‘Game of Thrones’ Get Booed? Dykstra writes: “I, myself, had very little personal support, as I’d been alienated from my own friends, other than an occasional party I was obligated to leave early when he decided it was time. Please, please, keep an eye out for those red flags. I wasn’t allowed to take a photo of us. Shortly after surgery, she said that her ex asked the doctor, “When do you think I can have sex with her again.”. And sometimes I did. Jem Reacts to the New Jem and the Holograms Trailer, Chaotic Awesome Goes Inside the Labyrinth, SourceFed Says Goodbye: The Final Livestream. A long-term lover of all things science fiction…, Yvette Nicole Brown Will Host The Talking Dead In Chris Hardwick's Absence, Star Wars: 10 Unsung Heroes Behind A New Hope, LeBron James Sneaker Store Comedy in Development at HBO, How Hunt A Killer Expands the Blair Witch Universe with New Horror Game, Topps' Fright Flicks Cards: Where Horror and Comedy Collide, Best Horror Movies on Netflix: Scariest Films to Stream, Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon? (Trigger warning: If abuse, sexual assault, or anorexia makes you uncomfortable, you might want to avoid this one.). When do you think I can have sex with her again?” said my ex. For the time I was screamed at for spilling some bottled water in a rental car. I’ve chosen not to include it for your sake, in the hopes that the person you’ve become will do the right thing. When it posted unlisted, the edit did not save- and I’m grateful it didn’t, because it did not allow me to back away from my original statement. Because of my leaving him for someone else, he made calls to several companies I received regular work from to get me fired by threatening to never work with them. Chris Hardwick Calls Bs on Podcast Lawsuit, Claims Partner Owes Him Millions, 10 Things You Didn’t Know about Chloe Dykstra. In her essay, Dykstra said that her ex-boyfriend was emotionally abusive. He recently separated from Legendary to launch a rebranded podcast called “ID10T.”. In a statement, Legendary Entertainment, the company that owns Nerdist, wrote: Chris Hardwick had no operational involvement with Nerdist for the two years preceding the expiration of his contract in December 2017. Over the weekend, AMC pulled Talking Dead With Chris Hardwick from its schedule, as well as made an announcement that Hardwick would no longer be moderating any of the AMC or BBC America panels at next month’s Comic-Con International. For those who don’t know what that means, it means my body is a Chloe, but my heart and soul and mind is Taylor Swift. I’m a Taykin. The company has removed all reference to Mr. Hardwick even as the original Founder of Nerdist pending further investigation. Within 2 weeks, rules were quickly established. Building Effective Business Relationships, 4 Essential Ingredients of a Great Conversation, Why Losing Independence in a Relationship Isn’t a Bad Thing. (AMC owns 49.9% of BBC America. When we were living together, I found out that Chloe had cheated on me, and I ended the relationship. Sometimes he’d let me go play D&D, but I always had a curfew. Before we began dating he said, “I noticed you have a glass of wine with dinner. Medium published the piece in June. I do the acting thing and show up in weird places on the internet. She is an actress and producer, known for. Exposition publique du Lundi 12 au Vendredi 23 Octobre... © Copyright 2013 Tous droits réservés. On Medium, smart voices and original ideas take center stage - with no ads in sight. ), He was famous. For blaming me for leaving him when he was never there in the first place, except when he wanted sex. Actress and host Chloe Dykstra published an open letter via Medium today detailing the alleged abusive behavior of her former boyfriend Chris Hardwick. He was obsessed with celebrity, being famous, famous people. Movies Made by Alternate Directors - Part 1, The Meanest Digital Artificial Intelligence, Top 25 Highest-Grossing Films: Sony Pictures (3/6), Comic Book Superhero Movies: Types and Genres. That I had literally just met. I have audio/video that will support and prove many of the things I’ve stated in this post. “Normalizing behavior happens incredibly quickly, and one can lose track of what is acceptable treatment… And when your self-worth reaches such depths after years of being treated like you’re worthless, you might find you think you deserve that sort of treatment, and no one else will love you.”. Actress and host Chloe Dykstra published an open letter via Medium today detailing the alleged abusive behavior of her former boyfriend Chris Hardwick. I was heartbroken to read Chloe’s post. I’m devastated to read that she is now accusing me of conduct that did not occur. More common than you’d think. Also at the time, I knew it was unlikely people would choose to believe me over a cheery-sounding famous guy. Welp. 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