The legislation covers areas including education, employment, the provision of goods and services to the public and the exercise of public functions. NRS anticipates a strong user demand for a range of migration-related data in the future. Sort by: relevance - date. The information is vital to help shape Scotland's future by informing key decisions on how services such as transport, housing, schools and hospitals are planned. NRS needs to fully understand information requirements on income for 2021. Flexible approach to work with the ability to prioritise and manage a varied workload under pressure. As part of a team, you’ll visit different addresses to interview residents. It will be conducted primarily online, while offering support and alternative routes of completion where required. National Records of Scotland is planning for Scotland’s Census 2021. Information on all future Scotland's Census 2021 Events and Workshops are available on the Scotland's Census website. These surveys are interviewer-led. Page 1 of 28 jobs. The 2011 Census in England and Wales included, for the first time, a question on passports held (as a proxy question for citizenship that respondents could understand). By continuing to use this site, you agree to our use of cookies. Hawick TD9 8PZ. Other topics under consideration for collection in the 2021 Census, 3. In combination with other census variables, second address data could allow better understanding of commuting patterns and journeys made to work or study and could potentially improve understanding of the increasingly complex living patterns of the Scottish population. Discrimination on the basis of someone's sexual orientation is unlawful as prescribed by the Equality Act 2010. The Beyond 2011 Consultation in 2013 indicated that it would be useful for housing and transport planning to know more about these second addresses and their effect on the population of local areas. Consultation with users for the 2011 Census indicated strong user need for information on sexual orientation, in order to provide a benchmark against which equality monitoring policies could be better assessed. • Work with colleagues in the data collection team and in ICT to work out the best way to deliver a field force and data capture methods for the CCS, tapping into existing operation processes and contracts if possible. Further information is required to understand user need for 2021. Are you happy to organise and support others? It is being designed and managed in Scotland, to best meet the needs of its users. If you like being out in the community and talking to people, this is the role for you. The Census 2021 programme is part of the Statistical Services business area of National Records of Scotland. Sometimes, you’ll return several times to offer the reassurance they need to take part in the census. Working with a non-compliance officer, you’ll visit addresses where people have refused to complete the census, encouraging them to take part. Working with a non-compliance assistant, you’ll knock on doors and encourage residents to complete the census, when they have previously refused to take part. If you’re ready to help make Census 2021 a reality, come and join us. While you won’t have your own fixed team or location, you will do the important work of travelling between areas to line manage officers and support other team leaders. Further information is therefore required by NRS, to establish user needs on this topic and to assist in determining the best approach to providing the information required. You’ll help deliver the tools and resources that support the team they manage, provide administrative assistance and you’ll be the first point of contact when necessary. If so, you could be just who we’re looking for. If you’re great at talking to people and you enjoy working in the community, this is the job for you. Scotland’s Census 2021 intends to make best use of technology, digital services and other existing data to support the census process. Do you have strong administration skills? It is a core topic in the European Union regulations for the provision of information to Eurostat, which requires information on the citizenship of all usual residents. on 01313144298 or email. out more about cookies, Respondent Information form and Consultation Questionnaire (, 4. By assisting and motivating our team leaders, you’ll make sure their teams visit addresses, sometimes several times, to help residents complete the census. There are also potentially other pieces of information, such as refugee/asylum status and reason for migration, that may be of interest to users. Ability to develop operational business processes and requirements to deliver and run a large public facing operation.4. Explore the different roles and locations we’re currently recruiting to. Two questions on second address were asked by ONS for England & Wales in 2011. • Ensure that processes to capture and code and deliver the CCS data are in place working closely with the capture and coding teams. Any data collected is anonymised. Respondents to previous consultations have cited many potential uses of income data and NRS expect a continuing strong user demand for information on income in 2021. 1. To help inform our planning, this consultation will seek information from users about their needs. To apply please complete the online application form. Further information is required to understand user need for 2021. Asking such a question would potentially allow NRS to differentiate type of migration (short or long term) and produce estimates of short-term migrants, as well as helping to define the 12-month usual residence output base. Are you great at managing people and getting things done? The duty requires Government and public authorities to tackle discrimination and promote equal opportunities. 4.7 Labour force and socio-economic classification - Voluntary and unpaid work, Further information required - asked elsewhere in UK in 2011. Due to competing demands on space and higher user demand for information on other new topics (long term health conditions and language, notably) the questions were not included in Scotland. The question was not included in Scotland, due primarily to lack of strong user requirement for the information and higher demand for other questions. You’ll motivate and support around 12 team leaders out in the field. Overseeing a team of up to 12 census officers, you’ll ensure everyone has the training, tools and support they need to succeed. The successful candidate will be expected to remain in the post until the close of CCS operations currently planned for the end of 2021. Hand-delivering the census to communal addresses like university halls of residence, care homes, hotels and prisons, you’ll knock on doors and help everyone take part. Are you comfortable in challenging situations? The strength of user need identified via consultation for a question on income, balanced against the pressure on space for individual questions, led to the decision to test and subsequently recommend a question on household income for the 2011 Census questionnaire in Scotland. In an increasingly mobile age, more people have two or more homes and/or spend time between two or more addresses. It is being designed and managed in Scotland, to best meet the needs of its users. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view PDF documents. To account for people and households who may not have been counted by the census, or who may have been counted more than once or counted in the wrong place, a Coverage Assessment and Adjustment (CAA) methodology will be used to identify the number of people and households affected and to adjust the 2021 Census estimates accordingly. Knocking on doors, you’ll encourage residents to complete the census, making return visits when necessary. You’ll manage around 12 interviewers who are knocking on doors, interviewing residents and making repeat visits. The Act also introduced a new public sector equality duty which came into force on 5 April 2011. Are you good at organising yourself and others? This independent voluntary doorstep survey of around 60,000 households (120,000 individuals) from across Scotland will collect information about people and households which will then be matched to census records and used to estimate the size of the census under- or overcount. The 2021 Census section contains information about Scotland’s plans for a proposed census in 2021. If you’re well organised and ready to deal with challenging issues, this could be the ideal job for you. A lot can change in the 10 years between censuses. out more about cookies, Coronavirus (COVID-19): what you need to know. Scotland's Census paints an important picture of the characteristics of our population. To download it for free Not asked in Scotland in 2011. The Census 2021 programme is part of the Statistical Services business area of National Records of Scotland. Further information is required to understand whether there is user need for this information in 2021. Insufficient space on the questionnaire however meant that it was not possible to collect details such as the type of voluntary work undertaken or the length of time spent volunteering. NRS however anticipate a continuing strong user demand for this data, and so to assist in determining the best approach and to provide information which may shape a testing programme, further information is required to understand user need for 2021. Gathering information on other addresses where people spend time away from home would potentially improve the accuracy of the population estimates by identifying duplicate returns received from different locations and to inform coverage adjustment calculations. You could oversee a field operation in your area. You’ll often act as the first point of contact, providing the tools and resources that support the entire field team. A question on intended length of stay in the UK was included in the 2011 Census in England & Wales and Northern Ireland. Find In this context, NRS requires further information to understand user requirements for information about voluntary and unpaid work for 2021. Proven track record of working in a programme/project environment, including experience of delivering and planning projects and prioritising workloads.3. For information on this post please contact uses cookies which are essential for the site to work. This role is not yet open for applications, however, you can register your interest to work on Census 2021. 2021 Census. This will help determine the topics to be included in the next census. 3. The duty covers nine protected characteristics[6], including sexual orientation. This far outweighed the percentage of respondents who declared a non-heterosexual orientation. Applications must be submitted a minimum of two days before the date of the related Virtual welcome event. User requirement for this information in Scotland for 2011 was limited, with support for collecting short-term migration statistics via other methods that would afford more timely updates, given the nature of short-term migration. Counts of bedrooms provides information on overcrowding and under-occupation via the occupancy rating. CAA methodology will result in estimates of households and people missed by the census which will then be added into the census database. To assist in determining the best approach to providing this information, further information is required by NRS to fully understand user need for 2021.. 4.3 Basic demographics and household composition - Second address, Further information required - asked elsewhere in the UK in 2011. If you’re good at encouraging and motivating a team, this could be the job for you. People who arrived in the UK in the year before 27 March 2011 were asked a question about their intended length of stay in the UK, in the 2011 census in England & Wales and Northern Ireland.

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