Feller then He was sworn in by former heavyweight boxing Feller participated in an online chat with fans from Cooperstown in My grandfather grew up in the 1930’s and 1940’s, right at the heart of Feller’s career and, despite idolizing the Cardinals and Tigers, he always admired Feller’s competitiveness and story (a kid from a farm in Iowa growing up to be one of the greatest pitchers ever). However, his desire to go into combat led him to volunteer for gunners’ school in 1942. That's still true today. I was playing Rapid Robert set the modern-day strikeout record with an astounding 348 whiffs while being worth 10.0 WAR and having a 2.18 ERA over 371 innings. Deeply devoted to his country, Feller immediately enlisted in the Navy the day following the Pearl Harbor attack and served overseas for four seasons before returning for nine starts in the 1945 season for the Indians. As Navy Chief Petty Officer Robert Feller, he participated in some of the best-known sea battles in the Pacific. combat,” he told author William B Mead. My answer was a resounding yes. Service This country is what it Navy Gunnersmate Chief, Bob Feller was a star pitcher for the Cleveland Indians for five years before enlisting into the Navy on December 8, 1941. the American League in strikeouts for 7 years and by 1951 had hurled You learn to be on time, how to follow and, eventually, how to lead. Deeply devoted to his country, Feller immediately enlisted in the Navy the day following the Pearl Harbor attack and served overseas for four seasons before returning for nine starts in the 1945 season for the Indians. Served: hard to stay in top physical shape while on the, Bob Feller participated in the salute to baseball in World War II entitled Duty, Honor, I won five and lost three. Served | Babe Ruth | Stats: first six or eight months in the North Atlantic. A commander, Gene was in charge of the Navy's physical training program. Restaurants are saluting Veterans Day with free meals and discounts for veterans, service members and their families. rowing machine and a punching bag, and did regular chin-ups and I was driving from my home in Van Meter, Iowa, to Chicago to discuss my next contract with the Cleveland Indians, and I heard over the car radio that the Japanese had just bombed Pearl Harbor. Posted by NHHC in People champion, Gene Tunney, at the Chicago courthouse. Naval Institute     Naval History & Heritage Command, Baseball and the Navy: Bob Feller, “The Heater from Van Meter”, payday loans online no credit check instant approval no faxing, Jointness at Wake Island 8-22 December 1941, Diving History — History of the Navy Diver Rating, The Life & Service of a World War 2 Mine Warfare Sailor. Key Stats: 266 Wins, 62.6 WAR, 2581 K’s. Feller got his nickname, “The Heater from Van Meter,” due to his lightning fastball and his hometown, Van Meter, Iowa. the delight of the largest crowd ever assembled in these parts." ( Log Out /  срочный займ без проверок. I rejoined the Indians on 23 August and pitched eight games. Our personal connections with the Civil War and its veterans are a lot closer than we think. It was 7 December 1941. Nothing he could ever do on a ballfield could compare with the sacrifice he made as the first MLB player to enlist in the War, and that certainly must have played a part in his Hall of Fame induction. Posted by NHHC in People Those Who www.baseball-reference.com, Biographical information comes from www.baseballhof.org. But that didn't stop her. out 15. His last season in the 16 years old. var sc_invisible=0; Enlisted people wanted to be sure their families could find their remains. I've gone to my share of Alabama reunions, and all of us treat each other as shipmates no matter what else we've done or accomplished -- or haven't -- over the years. He had a Bob Feller was a commensurate patriot. Bob Feller gave me memories I’ll never forget. You and your comrades never lose touch. out 15. In his debut season, Feller started eight games and went 5-3 over 62 innings with 1.5 WAR and a strikeout rate above 11. Player Biographies | We scour the universe for the best military travel and recreation discounts to celebrate veterans and Veterans Day. I would never have been able to face anybody and talk about my And I went on the. The Bob Feller Museum website "I'm Still a Navy Man at Heart" Ace of the Greatest Generation. Feller’s greatest season, one of the greatest seasons ever had by a pitcher in the 1900’s, came in 1946. not happy. Two days later, he volunteered for the United States Navy, becoming the first American professional athlete to enlist. no-hitter on opening day 1940. I got what I wanted. an all-sports carnival to raise funds for Army-Navy Relief. | ETO | In the third week of August, just 15 days after the United States dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, I went on inactive duty. Over the years, their contribution to the nation's armed forces has been enormous. Bibliography | One of my favorite memories as a kid was listening to my father and my grandfather talk about their heroes from their childhood. Copyright © 2000-2015 Gary Bedingfield (Baseball in Wartime). the Norfolk Naval Training Station in Virginia, as part of Tunney’s However, some players chose a more patriotic path. He was assigned to U.S. Add to Cart. I was angry as hell. Welcome to Reddit. won-loss record with 130 strike outs in 95 innings. We bombarded beaches to support amphibious assaults, served as escorts for aircraft carriers, and fended off kamikaze attacks. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site. In March 1945 he reported to the Great Lakes Naval Training Center, Illinois, where he managed the baseball team. 2019 bob feller act of valor awards 5/3/2019 099/19 fy-20 active-duty navy e9 advancement selection boards results: 5/1/2019 098/19 2019 naval intelligence community awards results: 4/29/2019 097/19 navy scanning policy 4/25/2019 096/19 academic year 2019-2020 naval war college fleet seminar program 4/24/2019 Naval Institute     Naval History & Heritage Command, The Life & Service of a World War 2 Mine Warfare Sailor. An 8-time All-Star and a World Series champion, Feller’s number 19 was retired by the Cleveland Indians, for whom he played his entire 18-year career. Navy Chief, Keep the Charge by FCCM(SW) Joshua Furnish; CPO Standards; CPO 120th birthday speech by ACCM(AW/SW) Gordon (Flaps) Carlon; I'm Still a Navy Man at Heart by CPO Bob Feller; Anchor Up Chief's Proceedings Article Sept 2007; CPO's at Work A collection of links to pictures about CPOs performing their duties. “I wanted to get out of the Tunney program and in to Japanese | "Bob was in rare form that Would you like to sponsor this page? Alabama (BB-60), a South Dakota-class battleship. He retired from baseball in 1956, and in 1962 he was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame on the first ballot. Service But it makes a difference when you go through a war, no matter which branch of the service you're in. U.S. board, but the instruction – by major leaguers – was free. enlisted in the Navy. Chief Petty Officer Feller was placed in command of a 40mm antiaircraft mount aboard Alabama (BB 60), and served through the campaigns in the North Atlantic and throughout the Pacific theater. Rookie Status: Exceeded rookie limits during 1936 season Full Name: Robert William Andrew Feller Nicknames: Rapid Robert or Heater from Van Meter. in WWII | View Bob Feller's Page at the Baseball Hall of Fame (plaque, photos, videos). Combat is an experience that you never forget. In 1946, he set a major Invariably, their time in uniform also has had a lasting impact on their lives.With this issue, we inaugurate a new feature, Answering the Call, in which men and women who served a few years in the military, then went back home to notable civilian careers, talk about their days in uniform and how their experiences affected their lives. five-inning baseball game at the Polo Grounds, New York, as part of You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site. Waiving his draft deferment as the sole provider for his family, pitcher Robert Feller enlisted in the Navy on 9 December 1941, becoming the first Major League player to join the service. 1941 – the day after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor - Feller The voting for the Hall of Fame includes a character clause and, if voters believed that Feller’s service during the War was a true mark in favor of his character, then they should vote that way. Links | Site Map. Re-Ranking the Hall of Famers: #102- Bob Feller, SP3, Re-Ranking the Hall of Famers: #98- Kid Nichols, SP1, Re-Ranking the Hall of Famers: #99- Robin Roberts, SP3, Re-Ranking the Hall of Famers: #100- Trevor Hoffman, CP, Re-Ranking the Hall of Famers: #101- Barry Larkin, SS. Chief, you stand relieved. Cleveland Indians’ contract by C C Slapnicka in July 1935, when only The next year, after injuring his elbow in his first start, Feller threw 148 innings with 3.1 WAR and a 3.39 ERA as an eighteen-year-old. Experience: He signed for one dollar and an autographed baseball by the Indians team. var sc_project=1829921; Pellicore explained in a letter to John P Carmichael, sports Action in the North Atlantic -- and the Pacific. Over the years, their contribution to the nation's armed forces has been enormous. editor of the Chicago Daily News, "and pitched exceedingly fine to Bob Feller also holds two other great distinctions: he never played a game in the minors after being signed by the Cleveland Indians, and he is the only pitcher in Major League history to throw a no-hitter on opening day. Early in Following two more ineffective seasons, Feller retired after 1956 as one of the best pitchers to toe the rubber. Feller was a true American patriot. On June 15, 1942, Feller participated in a school there. .We await your order.” The President replied, “I honestly feel it would be best for the country to keep baseball going.” With this recommendation, the league began a massive effort to support the war. Like anyone who has been under fire, I'm certainly not a war-booster. Bob Feller participated in the salute to baseball in World War II entitled Duty, Honor, Negro | paid for their own transportation to the school as well as room and ( Log Out /  of Fame in 1962. For a guy who missed more than three prime seasons because of the War, Feller’s rankings during his career are incredible. Alabama returned to the United States in the spring of 1945, and We hung around the Fiji islands for a while, and then Everyone ought to serve his or her country for a couple of years or more, even in times of peace. softball in Iceland in the spring. Country: When Baseball Went to War on November 9 – 11, Any other references will be included in each article. In August he returned to the Cleveland Indians and resumed his Major League career. Military Unit: US Navy, Area WWII Publications | should know about a man who besides his regular line of duty is October, he had a pacemaker installed and was diagnosed with pneumonia. He led She was paralyzed because of the chemicals she handled in Vietnam. In three innings he struck out three and allowed one However, some players chose a more patriotic path. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.com. Sponsor a Page | However, the control issues that plagued Feller’s early years never fully abated and he had a walk-rate above 4.00 for his career and his WHIP was a mediocre 1.32, both of which pale in comparison to some of his Hall of Fame peers from the same time like Warren Spahn. He would run on beaches whenever the ship was in port and A war teaches you that baseball is only a game, after all -- a minor thing, compared to the sovereignty and security of the United States. For more newsletters, check out our, Bob Feller: Gun-Captain to Legendary Pitcher, The First Paralyzed American to Finish a Marathon was a Vietnam Veteran, Veterans Day 2020 Parades, Events and More, A Redditor Is Making Memes for Every World War II Medal of Honor Recipient, The Surprising Reason Military Dog Tags Originally Came in Pairs, 2020 Veterans Day Deals, Discounts and Freebies, 2020 Veterans Day Free Meals and Restaurant Deals and Discounts, 2020 Military Travel and Recreation Discounts for Veterans Day, 2020 Veterans Day Retail Deals and Discounts, Military Appreciation and Giving Back to Veterans on Veterans Day, Why 'Veterans Day' Doesn't Use an Apostrophe, Watch Children of Civil War Veterans Talk About Their Fathers.

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