Our mission: To challenge and inspire each boy to become the best version of himself. West Island College offers post-secondary preparatory programs from grades 7 to 12 in Calgary. It offers programs from grades 2 to 8, with an average class size of four to ten students. What's the right type of school for a child with ADHD? What's the right type of school for a child with autism? Thinkpad T490, i5-8365U, 16G RAM, 512G SSD, FHD 400nit, $1100, [Shoppers Drug Mart] Our goal is to help students build their character and discover new interests through learning. Committed to best practices, The Priory is a place where childhood is cherished, and where meaningful learning takes place in an enriched and nurturing learning environment. We provide a nurturing environment that fulfills the child's emotional, social, physical and intellectual needs. Founded on the science of neuroplasticity, Arrowsmith Program provides students with the skills necessary to overcome their learning disabilities and transform their academic, cognitive, emotional and social lives. Tuition starts at $8,900. Our rigorous, personalized programme and strong teacher-student relationships enable us to cultivate each student's talents, helping them build on strengths and discover the joy of learning. Together, the team strives to balance academics in a caring and supportive environment. Dewey’s educational goals follow the philosophies of John Dewey, preparing students through “student-centred learning" and "learning by doing", while emphasizing the cultivation of the "three New Liberal Arts". The Giles School has small class sizes, leadership programs and intensive STEM programming that support both immersion and introductory language programming in each of the six official languages of the United Nations. Neuchâtel Junior College, in safe and breath-taking Switzerland, offers students Canadian Grade 12 curriculum and AP exams while enjoying being immersed in an authentic French language and Swiss cultural experience. Calgary Waldorf School’s rich and challenging curriculum carefully balances academic, artistic and practical activities to stimulate intelligence and encourage creativity. Bronte College is a private International Baccalaureate (IB) World School offering Grades 9 to 12 for day and boarding students. Small class sizes combine with a vast classical education to create a diversity of understanding that leads students to build the The IB Diploma Programme Profile - Diploma Program-A Basis for Practice-IBO The Diploma Programme of the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) is a demanding pre-university course of study that leads to examinations; it is designed for highly motivated secondary school students aged 16 to 19. BCA is Burlington’s leading Christian Elementary school, with over 150 students in Grades JK - 8. The Programmes are Enriched and Comprehensive, delivered with Extra Attention and Care. These include institutions such as Cambridge, Harvard, Heidelberg, McGill, MIT, Oxford, Princeton, Rotterdam Erasmus, Sorbonne, UBC and Yale. View School Profile. The Dunblaine School empowers students with learning disabilities to reach their full potential. Since 2002, J. Addison has provided a stimulating education for students. Its average class size is 12 to 22 students. USCA Academy is a leading Canadian international School and private schoo for local and international students The School offers Elementary School Program(Grade1-8), Ontario Secondary School Diploma Program(Grade 9-12). Students receive an excellent education which prepares them well for university, college and a wide variety of workplaces. The close-knit community at Star delivers on Learn to Love to Learn™ with project-based, cross-curricular and experiential learning. Its average class size range from 12 to 18 Students.

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