After binging, let me know what you think in the comment section below! Don't get put off by it having 50 episodes because when you are watching, time will fly by! That’s fine. The strongest point of this show is the animation. Spice and Wolf deals with the story of a merchant, Kraft Lawrence. If you have never seen Evangelion, be sure to start with the series and then go on to the movies for the best experience. The succession war is ultimately won the kingdom of Qin. And from what i understand neither does the VN A number of months ago I said I wasn’t going to be looking at first episodes, or writing about single episodes at any length, However, Island has disrupted that train of thought with a massive fist being slammed onto my desk. I saw a recommendation in the comments section for Eureka Seven, so naturally I watched the entire anime in four days. Evangelion is one of the most popular anime ever. The characters are the best thing about this anime, as they are all developed and interesting. So points for a non beta protagonist. Too much bloat that needn’t be realised in the first episode. It's worth it, and there is nothing better than watching an anime like this without spoilers. Switch to the dark mode that's kinder on your eyes at night time. I wonder if the anime would be much more interesting if Ledo never got transported far away from this conflict and if it all took place in space. But they are bound by old traditions, and are conflicted. Right, I don't see how it could give birth to Mazinger Z, which came about 25 years earlier. Just give us a few faces, a brief intro to the story, and a view, but no explanation of the world. Kizuna’s fighting ability doesn’t come near to the others, but his sister has a plan! The key to saving the island lies in three girls who belong to the three families. Also, you should totally check out Muv Luv Alternative Total Eclipse! It's pretty good, and filled with badass characters. So to my feeling, when searching for an anime like Kona, it would be in fantasy world, but that's my personal taste. What is the mecha anime at the start of the page? His sister asks him to transfer to an all girls strategic defense school,  where the students uses their powers to combat invaders from another world. The ending felt really short,  but its a short 12 episode series.I heard there was a VN,  but i havent read it. Berserk (1997) was the first adaptation of Kenpuu Denki Berserk by Kentaro Miura. I'm glad he had a lot of time on screen, since I would trade him for Setsuna any time. Much like Vinland Saga, Kingdom traces the story from wars, although premises differ. Long since abandoned and all but forgotten by the mainland, the people of the island are ready to give up hope. You didn't even bother to add to the list the vision of escaflowne which is maybe considered one of the best mecha anime during it's time. The real main isn't the girl, despite seeing her in the first episodes. So much was happening that me and a lot of other people (thanks comments) were having trouble following along 100% they tried to make it mysterious but failed. The premise definitely had much more potential than this. The only one i can agree with is Code Geass but at number 1. No Mazinger, Getter Robo, or Zeta Gundam = 0/10. The story and characters are fine, not the best, but original. As a visual thing, it’s not hard to see the attraction, of course, cute girls make for a good portion of this; something I don’t have a problem with, cute girls are one foundation of anime, that’s not going to change. The ending includes an epic mecha battle that is to die for. I also didn't feel the demons and fallen angels with all their powers in HS DXD. I can understand how people see it as trash though because it can bring us to despise some characters from the start like Flay and Kira, but the character development is pretty good. If so, you'll love every one of these titles! But five years ago, the island's three great families suffered a series of misfortunes and succumbed to suspicion. I just all anime to make is all of fevoret of all anime fans is powerful male lead,romance/harem,and male like knight of magic with like high school dxd, and code geass,, what happen if that all have that i know guys what your like... Hahahahaha Pls i need anime like knight and magic with, code geass male. The island of Urashima sits on the ocean far, far away from the mainland. Blade of the Immortal draws parallels with Vinland Saga as both properties are historical dramas featuring protagonists seeking to avenge the wrongs done. It just didn't feel right for me. Oh and its got sweet tunes, a crazy AI, and some really good mecha fight scenes. It tried to be something it couldn't be and that’s pretty disappointing, i dropped this at episode 10 where the 28 year old looking (i dont know if they brought his age up i cant remember) main character bangs the underaged female character (oh wait, shes actually 23? Yona of the Dawn traces the coming-of-age story of Princess Yona, who is in a bid to reclaim the throne usurped by her treacherous cousin Su-won. im sorry this may sound some what dumb.. but i remember watching an anime show based around some what gundum styled robots, but the controler\person inside their chest wore a form of spandex suit and the movements of the wearer were reanimated by the bot itself.. does anyone have an idea of what show this could have been from? Our course is brand new, so all of the styles you will learn are up-to-date and in touch with the latest anime trends Setsuna wants to save someone, which is later implied to be Rinne, the way the Island repeats itself, the way Kuon is revealed to be the future Rinne. Amidst this chaos and confusion, kingdoms rise and fall. For the most part, this isn’t true. Too many characters. mohammad yasser anas nasir via (CC BY 2.0). How are we meant to keep a hold of one moment when they are all so fleeting and disjointed, even in the editing? But with the second season, it became one of the most memorable Gundams. Edge Lord on October 17, 2018: … I "hit a wall" as to what is the next Mecha Anime I should watch. The bigger question is, will they make it to the end? It's not often that you can say a sequel is even better than the original, or that and the series ending delivered on everything you wanted, and more. Sitcoms, dramas, and movies have helped her survive the impact of the geopolitical conflict of her homeland. It's far better than any of the gundam series by a long way. The man claims to be from the future, and he begins a solitary struggle to change the island's fate. If people enjoy it, they enjoy it – that’s how entertainment works after all. After watching, I found out that Island has been adapted from a visual novel of the same name. So, in the end, if you want something that will leave you craving more, then give this a try. "Big O" is better than anything on this list" LOL couldn't be more wrong. A one-stop shop for all things video games. :). PLEASE, help me find it. Not only is it 2019s greatest, but it is easily one of the best of all time. It's based off of a game. It was released on 28 April 2016 for Windows. When the likes of 08th ms team and zeta is out there...... Nope I'm a fan of war and sci fi stories but yeah, some part of me is a gundam fan. Anyway, thank you for making this post. As the wall is breached by the Titans, a survivor named Eren joins elite soldiers to try an attempt to keep the Titans out. Like all times and all things, there’s good amongst the bad. The struggles of everyday life resonate with those in Vinland Saga. Manji meets a young girl and promises to avenge her parents' murder by killing those involved in the act. I miss watching mecha anime..but lil sad bit coz valvrave the liberator is not on your top 10, its on my top 3 favorite mecha anime of all time.,but by the way thanks a lot guys!jana.. Japo Vapo (author) from Slovakia on April 06, 2012: Vision of Escaflowne was pretty good and maybe it was one of the best Mecha Anime "during it's time", but it's year 2012 now. thats a really good anime ;-; No Ninja Robots or Dual parallel universe ? Of course, the school life execution presented by the Harem genre anime will not be mediocre. The first season of Gundam Seed is definitely better than the second, but it's still a good watch and worth your time. Required fields are marked *, Best Magic Anime Where MC is Hated By Everyone at First, The Best Sports Anime Series of All Time to Watch. I may write about ‘tropes’ a lot, but that’s because I think they’re integral to anime. Ever since Vinland Saga released, it has taken the world by a storm. . Trinity Seven tells of the efforts made by Arata Kasuga. Share Share Tweet Email. From the first moment, I really loved the story of Gundam Seed. The animation is everything you would expect from a Gundam anime, and the mecha battles are both enjoyable and entertaining to watch. I think my favorite character would be Lacus because of her beautiful singing. in Anime Naruto The Best My Hero Academia Fanfiction, Ranked 6.8k voters Anime Characters The Most Powerful Anime Characters of All Time 97.3k voters Anime Characters The 50+ Cutest Anime Couples of All Time Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask is falling to #38 Anime Characters The Best Female Anime Characters 200.7k voters Anime Characters Kaneki Ken is rising to #2 The Best Anime … The battles are just amazing—without any unnecessary props like lightsabers or beam weapons. Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad if the background art was actually pleasurable to look at, but… it isn’t. It's not a perfect anime, and it has its shortcomings, but they are overshadowed by the great plot and amusing characters. #1: "Eien no Hitotsu (永遠のひとつ)" by Yukari Tamura (eps 2-7, 11-12), #2: "Closing tears" by Yukari Tamura (eps 9-10), #1: "Eien no Hitotsu (永遠のひとつ)" by Yukari Tamura (ep 1), #2: "Eternal Star" by Asaka (eps 2-8, 11-12). The ending where saving Rinne is neglected kind of was off the point, but I can't say after that big shock that I cared enough. You will love Kingdom for capturing the true intensity of large scale battles. Here are ten similar shows worth watching for fans of Wit Studio's Viking anime. Attack on Titan and Vinland Saga constantly remind us of the prime importance of survival and the fear of destruction. The characters are a pretty big reason as to why I liked the story so much. I remember being shocked when I saw the Tokyo-3 skyscrapers moving underground when the angel's attack. Maybe I'll continue it in the future. There are a lot of them, but even some mirror characters get a proper backstory. Now, Sugimoto is on a journey to find a treasure in order to help the widow of his deceased friend, Toraji. Kenshin's reverse-blade is a symbol of atonement he feels is long overdue; however, his journey is beset with numerous challenges, such as the ghosts of his past. As she comes face to face with the real world, she sees what role poverty, strife, and corruption play in her kingdom. What I fancy the most about Macross Frontier is the mecha designs, animation, and the epic space music battles. And the best thing about it, you can forget that this shows is intended for kids and barely focuses on the mechs instead. Oh, and it includes ecchi and yuri, which is pretty gross but if audiences are able to look over that, then that's fine.

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