Homophobia is destroyed from the first chapter, and incest is the next issue to be explored. Yes, it was a little preachy, and yes, the propensity of the people in the book to make babies with everyone else was a little unbelievable. I had never read science fiction before and I had been saying I would never read something like that. I found this book to be Heinlein's most enjoyable read for me. Throughout this novel the voice of the author is heard. SPECIAL NOTE: This review encompasses the entire body of Robert Anson Heinlein's work, not just `Time Enough For Love'. Heinlein's longest and most ambitious work, it is the story of a man so in love with Life that he refused to stop living it; and so in love with Time that he became his own ancestor. One of my favorite by Heinlein, it's a nice long book, his others always leave me wanting more, but this one is fully satisfying. In some ways, I am tempted to think that Heinlein wanted to publish old Lazaurus Long stories, but at the same time these stories that he presents in the book do have one theme in common: what does it take for a human to live? It is by far my favorite novel. Ok, I can take any of the incestous, homosexual, polyandry, monogamy(spit, to stay with the ideals) but Oedipian Love? Give it a chance. I would encourage anyone who beleives he/she is open minded to read this book. Because he was looking for a way to meet his idol, Schulman wangled an assignment from the New York Daily News--at the time the largest circulation newspaper in the U.S.--to interview Heinlein for its Sunday Book Supplement. The continuing and most in depth story of the longest lived man in the history of ...everything. TEFL's quality is marred by two things, Heinlein's sexism and hypocritical assertions that women are equal (if they were, he'd write them that way), and the episodic nature of the book. It's not so much a novel but a collection of short stories that have an over-riding theme, that theme being love. The story has several quite distinct sections, and some parts are pleasant - like the section with Buck the talking mule. I would recommend it to anyone. Free download or read online Time Enough for Love pdf (ePUB) book. Heinlein was a master and it shows in this, his greatest work. Price: N/A Free Heinlein's "Methuselah's Children" and Asminov's "Foundation" both hit me like a brick, because they are Science Fiction in their purist form, Humanistic, and liberal in their use of interaction. Lazarus Long is not only a character, he is the way the author found to express his beliefs about countless aspects of life: sex, marriage, politics, money, adventure, security, even practical (and often funny) advice. New York Times bestselling author Suzanne Brockmann casts a spell of fantasy, suspense, and romance in this classic tale of a woman whose one chance at true love could not only shape her destiny but alter the course of history itself. I would so marry Woodrow Wilson Smith, aka Lazarus Long, if I got the chance. Lazarus Long is by far the most intriguing and engaging character I've come across in... well, I can't remember how long. He had many "youth" titles I felt, but finally I moved into the adult fiction and continued my quest to read them all. This aspect is confirmed by the circumscribing presence of the "ancestor," It featured his near-immortal hero from _Methuselah's Children_ (1958), Lazarus Long, as the central character. On the surface, 'Time Enough for Love' is the story of one man's life, including his loves, hardships, employment, family and friends. What can I say about this books? I read this book over a period of several months, taking it out every 2 weeks at the laundromat. I don't want any books that I buy being censored, or picked apart. My very first introduction to Heinlein was 1967, I was fourteen years old. I would rank this his third best work, with Stranger in a Strange Land being #1, and To Sail Beyond the Sunset as #2. There was a general arc to the entire book, but much of it felt more like a series of novellas, loosely connected by the main character. three elemental factors in negotiating ( the others are power and time ) . Stupid because it is so much cheaper to buy a second-hand copy that will pay them nothing. A man who is so vastly wealthy he has done it all. He complained once that he had 42,000 children--and no one came to visit. So I read it, and could not understand the praise. A bit dog eared but not too bad for my 3rd copy of this book. Why does good data matter so much to a negotiator ? the ... “Had we but world enough and time,” says the poet, he would spend centuries Le Guin's Hainish novels include The plot here is secondary to the point, but its worth every scandalous and insestuous page. The setup felt awkward and needlessly complex, but I followed it well enough to get the rest of the story / stories. I would treat any discussion of these ideas with great vigor and dedication. I found myself re-evaluating my own life and choices I've made. This is a great book that drew me in and I loved it. I especially liked the tale of the adopted daughter. This book is an old favourite - classic Heinlein. First, I must say that even though this book has many flaws, I still reccomend it very highly. The story covers highlights of Lazarus Long's 2200 year life. Myri stepped back into ... ... about that time, Heinlein was contacted by a Canadian hematologist, Denis Readthem all again and again! Please note that the tricks or techniques listed in this pdf are either fictional or claimed to work by its creator. After reading it, I can see why. ★ I would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys good Science Fiction or lovers of imagination in general. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied. I found the book altogether liberating for reasons I won't give away here.

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