Not mentioned in the papers is Epstein's infamous Boeing 727, which he dubbed the Lolita Express and where he allegedly ferried underage girls to his home in Palm Beach, Florida, his ranch in Mexico and other destinations. Now, the world of entertainment and politics are inundated with those crotches you speak of… therein lies the money. Remember, the Talmud states it’s okay for Jews to have sex with girls as young as three. He also established the Jeffrey Epstein VI Foundation, in which VI stands for Virgin Islands, in 2000 dealing with “Evolutionary Dynamics” and supporting various research projects concerning AI-Human interfaces, I should say merging of tech and bio, at different universities. This is the website of Lasha Darkmoon, an anglo-American academic with higher degrees in Classics who lives and works in England. It seemed like camouflage, that’s the best way to put it.” Epstein would be dressed in a tracksuit, but the girls carried shopping bags from designer labels: Gucci, Dior. (Part 1), The Jewish Role in the Bolshevik Revolution and Russia’s Early Soviet Regime, White Genocide by Design: The Role of the Mass Media in the Destruction of the European People, Snuff Porn Pedophilia: Killing Children for Sexual Pleasure, In Satan’s Playground: Internet Pornography and its Effect on Children, The Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan: White Genocide by Design (Part 1), The Migrant Rape Epidemic in Germany and the Descent into Madness, The Secret Life of a Pedophile (Part 1 of 3), The Lord’s Prayer (‘Our Father’) in 30 Languages, Mind Pollution: The Promotion of Sexual Perversion on National TV, The Wilkomirski Affair: How a Holocaust Hoaxer was Rewarded for his Lies, White Genocide: The Mass Rape and Murder of the European People, Rape Jihad: Dark Days for Europe (Part 2 of 2), Rape Jihad: Dark Days for Europe (Part 1 of 2), Torture and Testicle Crushing at Nuremberg, German Victims: How the Allied Victors of WWII Tortured and Killed their German Prisoners of War (Part 2 of 2), German Victims : How the Allied Victors of WWII tortured and killed their German prisoners (Part 1 of 2), Stalin’s Willing Executioners: Jews as a Hostile Elite in the USSR — by Kevin MacDonald, The Jewish Question: A problem without a solution (Part 2), The Jewish Question: A problem without a solution (Part 1), SEX PLAGUE: THE NORMALIZATION OF DEVIANCE AND DEPRAVITY, We Are All Russians Now — by an Unknown Author, THE JUDEO-RUSSIAN MAFIA AND THE BLOODBATH TO COME, by Dr Lasha Darkmoon, The Mass Murder of Russian Christians and the Destruction of their Churches, Satan’s Secret Agents: The Frankfurt School and their Evil Agenda, The Sexual Subversion of America (Part 2 ), THE Sexual Subversion of America (Part 1), Child porn and pedophilia to be legal soon, IRAN’S SECRET WEAPON, by Dr Robert Faurisson, Pornography’s Effect on the Brain, (PART 2), Pornography’s Effect on the Brain, (PART 1), Masters of Porn: The Systematic Promotion of Sexual Deviance, World IQ Figures: A Complete Chart with Notes and Comments, DARKMOON UPON AMERICA, BY ISRAEL SHAMIR: A Debate between Israel Shamir and Lasha Darkmoon, AMERICA VANQUISHED, Part 2: America under Jewish Rule, AMERICA VANQUISHED, Part 1: America as an Israeli Colony. Given Little St. James’s remote location, Epstein thought he could get away with everything there. Were ghosts caught on film at Gettysburg Civil War memorial? A defamation lawsuit was filed against Maxwell in 2015 in which a distraught fifteen-year-old Swedish girl stated her passport was taken away and she was forced to have sex with Epstein. Epstein worked for Bear-Stearns (Stearn spelling change proved) after he left the Dalton School. – The media has made Epstein’s arrest a Trump story from day one. Being chosen has its advantages. There are little stories all over about people’s interactions with Epstein for years, that suggest similar. I’m not a female, I’m a MALE “I could see him with my own eyes,” the employee says. I’d guess the age of consent is a little lower on the Saint James Island, or at least the officials are easy to distract.. It’s part of selling their version of reality where the REALLY bad stuff is just a “conspiracy theory”. Jeffrey Epstein's massive fortune has been laid bare in new inventory papers for his estate, revealing the dead pedophile owned 15 companies valued at $426 million, had two US Virgin Islands worth $86 million and held onto a 1964 dune buggy. The 66-year-old was known to frequent the lush property in the U.S. Virgin Islands – and the employee, speaking to Bloomberg, suggested that a steel safe inside his office there may have stored more than just cash. You’d think such an atrocious monster would have been great fare for the Americans and their “press” to gloat over. I understand that there are older men who are sexually attracted to women young enough to be their daughters (or granddaughters), which I find repugnant. They were always wearing college sweatshirts. If Barr does any digging at all, he may only use chopsticks because of intricate legal complications forcing his recusal… due to his father fighting the communists at a private school which hired Epstein at age 20. Therefore, the idea these girls were close to the official age of consent significantly lessens the impact of the crime in the mind of many, if not most, readers, especially male readers. © 2020 Condé Nast. At what point in its development can a human being feel pain? It was previously thought his net worth hovered around $577 million. But YES! I told my friends it was perverted to be so attracted to women who tried to look so juvenile! Epstein Island Flight Log List Of Names, News, pedophile island, pedophile networks. Epstein’s beating by a mafia enforcer would be the perfect prelude to substantiate his murder and cover a faked death among those wondering if Epstein is really dead. (Picture of Prince Andrew with teenager Virginia Roberts Giuffre). Sadly that’s not the case, not even close. Was Barr even still at the school when Jeffrey Epstein was hired as a teacher? Getting a 15 year old Swede to St. Thomas is, logistically, quite something else. 4. The idea of 18 years old as the age limit is recently contrived and totally artificial. AS IF IT WERE INTENDED TO LOCK PEOPLE IN.”Add to this the fact that THE ROOM IS SUPPOSEDLY SOUND-PROOFED AND IT IS HARD NOT TO FEEL A CHILL ABOUT THE PLACE. His island Great St. James is valued at nearly $23 million, based off the property's most recent tax assessed value in 2019, while his neighboring island Little St. James is valued at $63 million. Why are Prince Andrew's lawyers such a secret? It was also on the islands that most prominent accuser Virginia Roberts said in sworn evidence to a Florida court that she and Prince Andrew and around eight other young girls had sex together. Will the “investigation” lead to the criminal conviction of any of Epstein’s elite friends? Epstein also wholly owned 10 corporate entities, which have a combined value of $426.2 million. BUT if there's a phonic joke there - I've not heard it. Not much is known about Muhssef except that he has many ties to the same people that Jeffrey Epstein did. IMO, his sex scandals involving underage girls (no young boys? “They looked very young. A quick perusal of the wiki’s on the Dark Web will dispel that nonsense in a jiffy, though – you don’t even need to click the links to get the gist of what they lead to in most cases. He could have been under house arrest with a tracking monitor. From what I’ve read, that kind of unfathomable crime just comes with the poverty territory, in places where people really are poor… This has recently prompted his lawyers to complain that his estate is bouncing checks to pay for basic upkeep at his various properties. I am a MALE, so my name is spelled J-O-E. Such complicity — and the turning of blind eyes — is, of course, what enables rich and powerful men like Epstein to indulge their criminal and abusive tastes. Hillary probably did what Satanist Witches do there. The REAL Connections – AG Barr and Epstein – you might be surprised! It is as if their crotches are wild animals who demand constant, virtually nonstop feeding. Due to his enormous wealth (and likely intelligence connections), Epstein felt powerful & anonymous on the island; he was able to get away with numerous crimes for a long time. Where is his fortune hidden away? ', The judge has been tasked with assessing Epstein's assets and possibly creating a victims' fund for the dozens of women he assaulted. “Even if the building was used for entirely innocent purposes, there is surely no sane parent on earth who would allow their teenage daughter to spend any time there with a man like Epstein.”

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