A famous Italian painter. She also possesses a great deal of passion and refuses to live her life without contradictions.

feminist heroine of sorts. He is a frigid, lonely man with an influential government position in St. Petersburg. Anna is intelligent and literate, a reader of English novels and a writer of Her character

Oblonsky is discussing, ...Levin is in the carriage, he begins to have second thoughts about going to visit, On the way home, Levin obsessively thinks about, ...to Petersburg to discuss the position with two ministers; while he’s there, he has promised, ...Oblonsky, completely perplexed and unnerved, leaves without asking either about his own promotion or about. She remains powerfully committed to At eighteen, she is the youngest daughter of the Shcherbatskaya clan. Princess Varvara speaks to Dolly in a very patronizing, condescending manner; she happily condones, Vronsky asks Dolly to speak with him. A consumptive, he is ill throughout most of his appearances in the novel. And he felt as a murderer must feel when he looks at the body he has deprived of life. Dolly recalls other beautiful weddings of first innocent love, including her own and, ...and greets his guests. Teach your students to analyze literature like LitCharts does. She accepts Levin's second proposal a wiser woman, and proves herself invaluable as a companion, a caretaker (to Nicholas) and new mother. However, after the Countess Lydia leaves and another acquaintance comes and goes, Karenin is an extremely busy and punctual man. Anna Arkadyevna Karenina High society heroine whose love affair keynotes the novel. according to the dictates of her heart makes her a pioneer, a woman SparkNotes is brought to you by Barnes & Noble. is rich in complexity: she is guilty of desecrating her marriage

Nicholas is the black sheep in Levin and Koznyshev's family. ...forced lightness about the friend’s gambling habits.

Even so, Anna’s insistence on living She gives him her money-purse but holds onto her red handbag. Oblonsky is also shallow and unable to feel anything deeply. this principle.

Vronsky changes unhurriedly and slips into the crowd, deliberately avoiding Princess Betsy and, Externally, the relationship between Karenin and, During the officers’ steeplechase, Karenin only has eyes for, During the carriage ride home, Karenin rebukes, ...Karenin loses all ability to reason when he watches a woman or child cry. and goodness that Levin embraces in the last chapter, and she appears A handsome, foppish young man who flirts inappropriately with Kitty. It is one of the book's biggest ironies that Anna comes to Moscow‹thereby meeting Vronsky, the man who will destroy her marriage‹when she is attempting to repair Oblonsky's marriage. Vronsky has many responsibilities in government, to, Dolly raises the topic of divorce.

Her exile from civilized society in the later She has one son, Seroyzha, by her husband, whom she loves dearly.

St. Petersburg high society and refuses the exile to which she has been

And Vronsky, recalling his dream, felt the same horror filling his soul.

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