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About Prairie Pharms

Largest commercial supplier of Monarda fistulosa products

  • Formed in 2007 to grow Monarda fistulosa and harness the power of thymoquinone!

  • Patented Process

  • Largest commercial supplier of Monarda fistulosa products

  • Vertically-integrated: farm to distillation to finished bulk premium Monarda Gold®, a thymoquinone-rich extract (TQE) 

  • Monarda Gold® Products (Fat Soluble)

    • High TQE >20%

    • Monarda Gold: Standardized to 10% TQE

  • Monarda Silver: Water Soluble TQ Present <1%

  • Full Traceability


Prairie Pharms History


Thymoquinone is discovered in Monarda and research begins to map its vast phenotypic and genetic potential.


Launched locally – Proof of Concept

Overwhelming success with over 200 repeat buyers and dozens of testimonials, people getting their life back thanks to Monarda Gold® (mostly topical use for minor pain)


First patent is awarded for Monarda Gold®


Farming for full scale production started to produce bulk raw material


First published study is released on Monarda Gold®

Facility expansion to become the largest producer of Monarda

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